Tea Parties

A Tea Party is a social event that takes place in the afternoon. Tea drinking with friends around midday has been a tradition in many civilizations for generations. Tea parties are popular for formal business meetings, social gatherings, and just as a way to unwind in the afternoon.


How to Host a Tea Party

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Date, Time, & Invites

Choose a date for your event and send out your invitations. Your invitation might range from a very casual invite to a formal invitation.


Purchase Tea

Buy the tea, as well as any other items that may be required. To serve a variety of teas to your friends, you'll need multiple teapots.


Brew & Serve

Make a nice pot of tea then serve it. To cater to your visitors' diverse preferences, serve the tea options with cream, sugar, and lemon slices.



Sit back and enjoy your company while pondering the benefits of tea. For inspiration and enjoyment, look to quotes about tea or read about the history of tea.

    History of Tea

  • The practice is credited to Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford, a longstanding companion of Queen Victoria, in the 1840s. Most British people ate two big meals during the Duchess's time: a large breakfast served early in the morning and an 8 p.m. dinner (there was a light, informal luncheon in between). The Duchess complained of a "sinkful sensation" during the lengthy, snackless interval, and around 4 p.m., she began drinking a pot of tea and eating some light snacks in her room.

  • After Anna started inviting friends to meet her, the idea of an afternoon tea-based snack gathering took on. Other high-society hostesses replicated her gathering concept, hosting quiet afternoon gatherings with fine china, steaming tea, little sandwiches, and plenty of talk.

  • Tea parties were popular among the masses, who discovered that they were a reasonably inexpensive way to organize a party. The tradition of taking a mid-afternoon tea break eventually spread across English culture.


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Types of Tea

There are many variations to choose from.
Find out what you may like to try!

Black Tea

Green Tea

Herbal Tea

White Tea

Oolong Tea

Rooibos Tea


Reviews on Popular Tea Brands

"The Lipton Tea pyramid bags were genius. So flavorful. I see they've put out a concentrate liquid. Will have to try that but will always enjoy my tea just as Lipton originally provided; rich and comforting."

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Lipton Tea

"I wouldn't call myself a tea connoisseur, but I do appreciate a wide range of teas and am particular about black tea. I'm looking for something robust, with a lot of body, and the ability to withstand milk. My go-to tea is Twinings."

Sterling Lawyers


"This is fun to have the box of teas with so many choices. They are delicious and taste fresh. Would recommend - they come in a decorated cardboard box which would be suitable for gifting."