Restoring Sanity in 2017

Restoring Sanity in 2017
By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

We wish everyone a very happy New Year, and we have good reason to believe that 2017 will indeed be a happy year because perhaps sanity can begin to be restored in America. We have just been through eight years of pure lunacy and are more than ready for a return to a state of normalcy.

We have been witnesses of a horrible social and cultural experiment on our nation that has exposed just how gullible people can be, and how they can be led like lemmings to accept the most twisted and bizarre ideas and behavior as normal and acceptable.

Certainly the big megaphone of a Marxist president, a complicit liberal media, and a rotten, politicized federal education system have been a more powerful and pernicious combined force for evil than most of us thought was possible. This surprising susceptibility of the public to the Obama propaganda machine gives us a glimpse into how propaganda was so successfully used by the Nazis to successfully sell a doctrine of hate that seems almost incomprehensible to us nowadays. Apparently propaganda still works, people are still susceptible to organized messaging, and 21st century people are no different than 20th century people.

Now that Obama will have to surrender his big megaphone to Trump, we can start the process to undo the terrible damage that has been done to the American psyche during this nightmare administration. This process should start with reeducating our youth to understand that their upside-down, Lewis Carroll world is an alternate reality. In the real world, good is not bad, black is not white, and Islamic terrorists really are Islamic after all.

It will be shocking to our liberal youth who have grown up during the Obama administration and known nothing else, to find out that a man can’t really change his chromosomes back and forth to become female one day and male another depending on how he feels that particular day. They will be surprised to learn that a man who puts on a dress does not really become a woman; he is just a man wearing a dress. This reality may seem foreign to them at first; but eventually most will learn that reality is preferable over make believe, and their biology is not actually different than millennia of human beings who lived before them.

Now they can learn that saying Merry Christmas is not really an insult, so they don’t have to change it to “happy end of semester” or “happy holidays.” They may even learn to like saying Merry Christmas given a little time.

It’s going to be fun reeducating liberals about this brave new world, and I’m looking forward to playing my small role in the process.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party. 


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