San Antonio Tea Party Mission Statement

We the People …


… that God grants to all people certain inalienable rights,

… that people in turn grant to governments their consent to be governed, and

… that government’s role is defined by the people to preserve those rights.

We the People …


… the concept of American Exceptionalism, that the United States of America is
a “city upon a hill,” a beacon of good at home and abroad.

We the People …

DEFINE the mission of the San Antonio TEA Party, Inc., is to educate and advocate for

… maintenance of a strong national defense to retain our National sovereignty,

… protection of individual rights and liberties while promoting personal responsibility,
morality, and religious expression,

… strict adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law, and

… exercise of limited government, sound fiscal policies, and free enterprise.

We the People …


… embrace the principles of the original Tea Party patriots,

… remain non-partisan in our efforts,

… ensure government policies and actions are in keeping with our mission objectives, and

… hold our government officials accountable to …

We the People!