85th Texas Homefront

85th Texas Homefront

This is Donald Krebs, and I am recruiting for the Texas Legislative Action Committee. We need you to  volunteer.

As chairman of this committee, I envision building a San Antonio Tea Party rapid response legislative team: 85th Texas Homefront. The 85th session of the Texas Legislature began January  10, 2017, and ends May 29, 2017. Yes, we are behind the power curve already and need to move quickly.

The problem:

The Texas Legislature passes hundreds of bills so rapidly at this time that by the time most of us hear of it, it is already law. There are certain to be many bills proposed that do not fit within our Conservative ideals. Since the Texas Legislature, House and Senate, only meet for 140 calendar days every two years, we have to move quickly to influence  votes in a Conservative direction.

What I envision:

If we recruit a large number of volunteers we can influence votes. I have in mind volunteers that are usually home in the daytime and are at their computers a large slice of the day. If these volunteers  agree to send a quick email and/or make a brief phone call to certain Legislators when they receive an email from me with the particulars, then we have a rapid response team. If only a few are available at the time the need arises, then even that few is noted by our elected officials. On the other hand, imagine 100 calls to a Committee Chairman’s office in support of a single bill. As President Trump might say, “That’s HUGE folks!” It’s almost certain to change the direction of a bill toward the Conservative viewpoint.

I commit to watching the activity of certain bills we think are important to moving our state and the country in a Conservative direction. When there is a pending vote, committee, or on the floor, I will email or text you the particulars and you will contact your reps ASAP. By the time the legislature ends, we will celebrate having been a moving force in Texas politics!

When the 85th Legislative Session ends, likely on May 29th, then so does our committee end.

So, if this describes you, let me know:

Usually home or otherwise with access to a computer.

Willing to call and/or email your Rep to express your support or non-support of pending legislation.

That’s it.

BTW, if you feel a little computer limited, we can schedule an appropriate block of phone time and I will walk you through the steps. Deal?

Email me at don@sanantonioteaparty.us. I will need your name, phone number and email address. Add helpful comments.

Don Krebs
(210) 288-1351




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Don Krebs says he was a Geek from early on, fixing TVs and radios, repairing lawnmowers and motorcycles for friends and family while in his teens. Assisting the Chief Engineer for a local radio station where he began his avocation as a radio broadcaster.
As a young father and husband with a full-time job, he received an Associates Degree from Brazosport College and undergraduate studies at the University of Houston in the field of Behavioral Management Science.
A registered Medical Technologist, he managed hospital laboratories until entering his life-long career in medical laboratory sales and marketing. Sales Manager, Product Manager, Product Specialist, Corporate Trainer and Director of Sales and Marketing.
Don also enjoyed his parallel part-time avocation of radio broadcaster with 12 years in Christian radio broadcasting in the San Antonio market.
Sometimes GranPaSmurf, DocSavage, SATP or for about 6 weeks at the end of the year, KringleKrebs, Don is Webmaster for San Antonio Tea Party.

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