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84th Texas Legislature: Application Calling for an Article V Convention of States

From Steve Baysinger,

You have been fighting the good fight and now are reaping the harvest.  Texas is on a fast track to be the first to pass an Article V bill in 2015.  As things are heating up we need you now more than ever to come to Austin.

House Bill: HJR 77

Senate Bill: SJR 63

I want to make you aware of the next three KEY dates we need your help with.  For each date we need a minimum of 100 people to show up in Austin.  We can do this!  Here are the dates:

Lobby Day: Thursday, February 26th:

House Select Committee on State and Federal Power Responsibility hearing begins at 10:30a.m. in room E2.036, so get there early to get in line for a good seat. We need to pack the committee room for our invited COS speakers: Senator Tom Coburn and Michael Farris. Then when the committee breaks we’re all going to meeting our legislators and senators to say hello.

Public Testimony Day: Thursday, March 12, at 10:30a.m. –

first come, first serve to sign up to give your 2 minute testimony to the Committee. For those of you itching to use your voices to share why you believe Article V can save the Republic, c’mon. See you there. We need at least 200 people there to pack the committee room.

Vote Day: Thursday, April 2 (Tentative), at 10:30a.m. –

the Committee will vote on HJR 77. Come to show your support and thank legislators. When we pass the next step is to the House floor.

These are the three critical events we have for the House vote this session. We should have more news from the Senate side soon.  Please consider showing up at the capitol for any or all of the three days.

This is our chance.  Let’s show this state and the rest of the country what can happen when patriots unite for liberty!

Tamara Colbert
Texas State Director   http://www.conventionofstates.com/

The following three pieces of legislation (or a variation of such) will be introduced into the Texas 84th Legislative session beginning in January 2015:

1. The Texas Historical Site Preservation Act.

This bill prohibits any and all control of the Alamo and all Spanish historical missions here in San Antonio from falling under the control of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Further, this bill allows for fines and fees for any foreign entity seeking to gain control of our Texas historical sites and punishment for any Texas government official who defies the bill by working with off shore organizations like UNESCO.
Sponsors: Rep. Lyle Larson (House); Sen. Donna Campbell (Senate)

2. The Texas Liberty Preservation Act.

This bill prevents the indefinite detention of political activists (aka “domestic extremists”) by the federal government and provides for fees and punishment for those federal and state officials who act in violation of this bill.

Sponsors: Rep Lyle Larson (House); Senate: none to date

3. Article V Convention, Federal Debt Management by State Intervention.

In accordance with Article V of the US Constitution, the states have the ability to amend the Constitution. The purpose of this resolution is for Texas to join other states in national convention with the sole purpose of reigning in runaway federal spending via state legislature intervention.
Sponsors: to be determined
What can YOU do? Contact your Texas Representative and Senator and tell them to sponsor/co-sponsor one, two or all of these three pieces of legislation. HURRY, TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE!! Early bill filing of legislation for the 84th legislative session starts the week of November 10th.
Go to Texas Legislature Online to follow the 84th Legislature. TLO