HB 1759: Public Education Finance System

Bill Lookup Status/History for HB 1759 (Texas Legislature Online).

Sample letter below providing rationale for our opposition to HB 1759:

Dear _____________:

Please oppose current attempts in the House and Senate to put billions of additional dollars into public education – beyond student population growth – when the State Supreme Court has yet to even start its deliberations on the school finance lawsuit.

The public schools, using our tax dollars, are suing the State of Texas (ie., the taxpayers) for more money.  But money is not the answer to improving public schools.  Texas has increased spending on a real basis per student by 60% over the past 25 years, yet hundreds of thousands of children still drop out and fail to make academic progress.  Baltimore public schools have the second highest spending per pupil in the nation, and their performance is abysmal.

The Texas House and Senate are proposing to add $2.2-3 billion more to public school spending.  Even worse, the Texas House (HB 1759) is attempting to also revamp the school finance system in such a way that the school finance lawsuit could be remanded back to the liberal Travis County District Court and stay in expensive litigation for years to come, as the legislature irrationally adds billions more in school spending every session.

Liberal judges in Travis County do not reflect the values of most Texans and their solutions to public education are always simply “More Money.”  We ask that you not add significant additional funding, or change funding formulas to public schools, until the Texas Supreme Court has ruled on theadequacy and efficiency of the Texas Public school finance system.

No system is efficient without consumer choice.  That is a basic economic principle for all goods and services.  More than half of all the states in the Nation have private school choice, but not Texas.  The legislature has so far failed to pass any school choice legislation.

Please — no more money for public education without school choice and until the duly elected Texas Supreme Court has spoken on this matter!

Author: Jeff Judson | Senior VP, San Antonio Tea Party | jeff@sanantonioteaparty.us