Elected Officials Scorecards

1. Trusted Organizations that Provide Recommendations:

As a 501c(4) non-profit, the SATP cannot and does not recommend candidates,

much as we would like to, nor do we oppose candidates.

For organizations that do provide recommendations, CLICK HERE.

2.  Heritage Action Scorecard

Heritage Action logo

How Conservative are your members of congress?

The Heritage Action Scorecard measures votes, co-sponsorships, and other legislative activity to show how conservative Members of Congress are.

Identify Issues

Heritage Action identifies upcoming legislative fights and the Heritage Foundation outlines the conservative policy positions. Key votes encompass the full spectrum of conservatism, policies large and small.

Notify Members of Congress

As we announce Key votes, the Heritage Action team alerts Members of Congress, informs conservative activists across the country, and reaches out to the media to ensure reporters cover our position

Update Scores

We update the scorecard weekly when Congress is in session, ensuring the scores reflect the latest activity. Updated scores help conservatives hold their Members of Congress accountable.

CLICK HERE to view the current Heritage Action Scorecard.


3.  The American Conservative Union

American Conservative Union logo

The American Conservative Union (ACU) was founded in 1964 to promote the principles of liberty and the strength of the Constitution. As the nation’s largest and strongest grassroots conservative organization, the ACU serves as the umbrella organization for conservatives in America. The ACU tracks a wide range of issues before Congress to determine which issues and votes serve as a dividing line to help separate those members of the U.S. House and Senate who protect liberty as conservatives and those who are truly liberal. Since 1971, the Congressional ratings have become the gold standard in holding every member of Congress accountable for their voting record by scoring some of the most important issues facing our nation. ACU is dedicated to supporting the efforts of courageous conservative leaders fighting for limited government, promoting prosperity and individual freedom, and defending traditional values. As a result, the ACU Ratings of Congress has throughout its 42 editions included a wide variety of issues covering votes on taxes, wasteful government spending, cultural issues, defense and foreign policy. Standing by voters around the nation, ACU is leading the way to encourage and help the next generation of conservative leaders, beginning at the state level. In 2011, ACU brought its commitment to conservative ideals to the states, by rating members in five legislatures. In 2012, ACU scored 15 states, as part of its five-year plan to bring ratings to all 50 states — scoring every legislature in every state, every session.

CLICK HERE to view the current American Conservative Union scorecards


4.  Conservative Review

Conservative Review logo


Our Mission

The mission of Conservative Review® is to create a world-class community of conservatives, by conservatives, and for conservatives.


At some point or another, every voter has felt like they have been duped – sold a fake bill of goods. Politicians and candidates run ads telling conservatives what they want to hear because campaign ads, like it or not, work. Politicians are selling a product, themselves, to you the voter. To cut through the talking points and the smoke and mirrors, Conservative Review® employs two main tools: the Liberty Score™ and our in-depth profiles.

If you want to know where your member of Congress stands on the conservative spectrum, sign up for free.

What is the Liberty Score™?

The Conservative Review® Liberty Score™ grades members of Congress using long-term voting records. A letter grade is assigned to each member to help you quickly determine if a lawmaker is supporting conservative principles. The Liberty Score™ is one of the primary tools Conservative Review® uses to help separate rhetoric from reality.

Member Profiles

Conservative Review® not only gathers information about critical and revealing votes in Congress, but maintains in-depth Member Profiles.

Member Profiles include a comprehensive review of every senator that scores above a 15% on the Liberty Score™ and every representative that scores above a 30%. A member of Congress is not just a vote; each member has the opportunity to serve as a voice for the conservative cause of constitutional governance. Conservative Review® analyzes how each member has served as both a vote and a voice for conservatism.

Election Information

Many candidates and incumbents runs as a conservative. Unfortunately, conservative voters have learned that conservative rhetoric does not always translate to conservative representation. Who are the true conservative candidates running for Congress, and most important, for the GOP presidential nomination? What are their strong issues? What are their weak issues? Look to Conservative Review® for commentary and information on conservative candidates and federal elections.

CLICK HERE. to see the Conservative Review scorecard.