Texas No-Cost Smart Meter Opt-Out Bills: HB 3421 and SB 1044

meter-rectangle-NO-signs-MONEY3Ed. Note: We are happy to share the following information provided by the Coalition for Safe Meters and other concerned citizens identified below who are working hard to secure the passage of this important legislation.

Dear Friends Opposed to Smart Meters,   

We currently have two bills assigned to committees to give Texans a ‘No-Cost Smart Meter Opt-Out’:

HB-3421 by Dennis Bonnen, assigned to State Affairs, chaired by Representative Byron Cook, and

SB 1044 by Bob Hall, assigned to Natural Resources and Economic Development, chaired by Senator Troy Fraser.

WE NEED YOUR HELP !  ***Please CALL committee chairmen AND committee members below and ask them to support these two bills.***  For those who live within the specific districts of the committee members, their email links are provided also.

Also, very important **Please CONTACT your own State Senator and State Representative here: 

Ask them to support these two Bills:  HB 3421 and SB 1044
For a No-Cost Smart Meter Opt-Out  (with the right to have an Analog meter) 
Note: Substitution language has been submitted for both bills, for the legislation to apply to: 

1)  All PUC regulated, cooperative, and municipally owned utilities;

2)  Property owners, and customers with consent of property owners

3)  Substitution language to define ‘conventional meter’  as ‘analog mechanical, non-activity recoding meter’

Attached [see list of resources below] is an 8 page brief, with supporting documentation regarding ongoing investigations in California, and recently released emails between CPUC officials and CA utilities, highlighting the same smart meter issues reported in Texas: adverse health effects, higher bills, utilities’ intent to deter individuals from opting out due to excessive opt-out fees, and failure to disclose factual information regarding smart meter radio frequency transmissions.

Incriminating statements, coverup, and collusion exposed in emails from the CPUC are relevant to Texas given that millions of homes across Texas* use the same Silver Springs AMI and mesh network deployed in CA.  *(ONCOR (Dallas/Ft Worth and NTX regions, San Antonio’s municipally owned CPS Energy, AEP Texas (North/Central Texas) and CenterPoint servicing the Houston area)  In the 2012 and 2013 Texas Senate Business and Commerce and PUC hearings, Texans testified to the same problems being experienced in CA.

We urge you to watch this award-winning documentary about the smart meter issue:  https://takebackyourpower.vhx.tv   (click on Buy now for $9.95  and see the link to Rent for $3.95)

[For another link to the documentary’s official trailer, click here.]

Private citizens, the AARP,  ACLU, Texas Eagle Forum, Ban Texas Smart Meters, Texans Against Smart Meters, LULAC of San Antonio, Home Owner Taxpayer Association of Bexar County, Home Owners for Better Building, Coalition for Safe Meters, San Antonio Smart Meter Awareness, Austin Smart Meters, and other groups across the state have been actively educating the public regarding the health, privacy, safety, and cost issues related to smart meters.

Here is a partial list of U.S. groups opposed to the deployment of smart meter technology.  http://www.takebackyourpower.net/directory/us/  

For more information, reports, studies, and inquiries concerning this issue, see  the links provided at the bottom of this page.




  1. Support of HB 3421 and SB 1044 – a no-cost smart meter opt-out following the precedent set in Vermont, with added consumer protection laws for all PUC regulated, cooperative and municipally owned utilities recognizing the rights of property owners and customers with consent of property owners to retain or choose an analog mechanical, non-activity recording meter.
  2. Monthly notification in utility bills, including:
  3. Instructions for invoking consumer utility rights to receive an analog mechanical, non-activity recording meter,
  4. Disclosure of potential public health risks as recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) who classified radio frequencies (RF) such as those emitted by smart meters as a Class 2B possibly carcinogenic to humans,
  5. Disclosure of possible biological effects and symptoms from electromagnetic / RF radiation exposure as identified by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the 2012 BioInitiative Report (see attached).
  6. Restriction of smart meter utility usage transmissions to once per month.
  7. A smart meter phase out so that when a smart meter reaches its service life in 10-15 years it will be replaced with an analog meter with a 25-30 year service life.
  8. Transmission Delivery Unit (TDU) requirement to present a cost of benefit analysis to municipalities and utility customers.
  9. TDU requirement to provide proof of liability for property damage and/or injury due to RF exposure or fires.


  1. The PUCT’s conduct with respect to the intentional delay and cancellation of hearings on smart meter issues and possible abuse of power.
  2. The Office of Public Utilities Counsel’s failure to advocate and represent the interests of residential and small commercial consumers when the PUCT allowed TDUs to establish unaffordable, opt-out fees with possible intent to inhibit a customer’s ability to opt-out.
  3. Silver Springs Network (SSN) and possible fraud through misrepresentation of the accuracy and safety of their advanced meter infrastructure technology sold to Texas TDUs.
  4. Third party evaluation and administrative judge hearing on all smart meter technology used in Texas to determine a) biological effects related to RF emissions and EMF on plants, animals, insects and humans, b) potential for smart meter devices to overheat and catch fire, c) potential for disaggregation of private utility data, d) potential for meter dysfunction causing overbilling due to temperature conditions e) potential for harmonic disruption from the smart meter’s switch mode power supply and 900MHz and 2.4GHz transmissions into the 60 Hz circuitry creating higher intensities of electromagnetic fields causing electrical motors and appliances to use more energy, shortening equipment service life, and the potential to adverse health effects



*Please contact the following committee chairmen and committee members by phone (and via email if you live in their districts) :   

‘Hello, this is (your name, town & zip code).  I’m calling to ask Representative XX  to support HB 3421 for a No-cost smart meter opt out for Texas.’ —- and:  

‘Hello, this is (your name, town, zip code).  I’m calling to ask Senator XX to support SB 1044, for a No-Cost smart meter opt out for Texas.’   ‘At a minimum,  Texans should have the right to choose an analog meter, and to protect their person, property, and privacy without having to pay a monthly opt-out fee.’

  House State Affairs Committee

Member Phone Home Area Office Party District Email
Cook, Byron (Chair) 512-463-0730 Corsicana CAP GN.11 R 8 byron.cook@house.state.tx.us
Giddings, Helen (Vice) 512-463-0953 DeSoto CAP GW.11 D 109 helen.giddings@house.state.tx.us
Farrar, Jessica 512-463-0620 Houston CAP 1N.8 D 148 jessica.farrar@house.state.tx.us
Smithee, John 512-463-0702 Amarillo CAP 1W.10 R 86 john.smithee@house.state.tx.us
Craddick, Tom 512-463-0500 Midland CAP 1W.9 R 82 tom.craddick@house.state.tx.us
Oliveira, René 512-463-0640 Brownsville CAP 3N.6 D 37 rene.oliveira@house.state.tx.us
Turner, Sylvester 512-463-0554 Houston CAP GW.15 D 139 sylvester.turner@house.state.tx.us
Geren, Charlie 512-463-0610 Fort Worth CAP GW.17 R 99 charlie.geren@house.state.tx.us
Harless, Patricia 512-463-0496 Spring E2.408 R 126 patricia.harless@house.state.tx.us
Kuempel, John 512-463-0602 Seguin E2.422 R 44 john.kuempel@house.state.tx.us
Farney, Marsha 512-463-0309 Georgetown E2.606 R 20 marsha.farney@house.state.tx.us
Huberty, Dan 512-463-0520 Houston E2.722 R 127 dan.huberty@house.state.tx.us

Senate Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee 

Fraser, Troy  (Chair) 512-463-0124 Horseshoe Bay CAP 1E.12 R 24 troy.fraser@senate.state.tx.us  
Estes, Craig L.  (Vice) 512-463-0130 Wichita Falls CAP 3E.18 R 30 craig.estes@senate.state.tx.us
Birdwell, Brian 512-463-0122 Granbury E1.706 R 22 brian.birdwell@senate.state.tx.us
Hall, Bob 512-463-0102 Edgewood E1.808 R 2 bob.hall@senate.state.tx.us
Hancock, Kelly 512-463-0109 North Richland Hills CAP 1E.9 R 9 kelly.hancock@senate.state.tx.us
Hinojosa, Juan “Chuy” 512-463-0120 McAllen CAP 3E.10 D 20 juan.hinojosa@senate.state.tx.us
Lucio Jr., Eddie 512-463-0127 Brownsville CAP 3S.5 D 27 eddie.lucio@senate.state.tx.us
Nichols, Robert 512-463-0103 Jacksonville E1.704 R 3 robert.nichols@senate.state.tx.us
Seliger, Kel 512-463-0131 Amarillo CAP GE.4 R 31 kel.seliger@senate.state.tx.us
Uresti, Carlos “Charlie” 512-463-0119 San Antonio CAP 4E.2 D 19 carlos.uresti@senate.state.tx.us
Zaffirini, Judith 512-463-0121 Laredo CAP 1E.14 D 21 judith.zaffirini@senate.state.tx.us

Thank you for taking action to help these two important bills.   In 2013 a similar bill fell short by one vote making it to the floor.  May this be the year that Texans will finally be able to protect their health, home, privacy, and pocketbooks without having to pay a monthly opt-out fee.


Sheila Hemphill          and                  Susan Straus                         and           Coleman Hemphill

Brady, TX                                              San Antonio, TX                                     Austin, TX

325.226.3683                                       210-846-4046                                        325.226.4538

info@hemphillresources.com          sbstraus@swbell.net                             coleman@catalystsolutionsllc.net


For updates on these two bills, go to  CoalitionForSafeMeters.org  


Supporting Documentation/Background Information

Texas Legislature and Texas Attorney General Requests

Rep Dennis Bonnen (TX Congressional Dist 25) Letter to PUCT, Feb 2012

Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Response to Administrative Law Judge’s October 18, 2011 Ruling Directing It to File Clarifying Radio Frequency Information

Symptoms After Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation, March 2015

American Academy of Environmental Medicine: Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health

Biological Effects from RF Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure, based on the BioInitiative 2012 Report, and the Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances

For Legislators on Wireless Smart Meters: Health and Safety Issues, by Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D. Biochemist, May 12, 2014

Department of the Interior Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance Letter, Feb 2014

Defense Intelligence Agency Report, Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries, March 1976