Are You Sick of This?

Are You Sick of This?

We Say: Speaker Straus has blocked all legislation passed by the Texas Senate to get Governor Abbott’s conservative, pro-taxpayer, pro-liberty agenda moving.

Special interest supporters of Speaker Straus, e.g., contributors such HEB, enable the Texas House to take no action when they should be doing the work of the people. See the empty Texas House Chamber this past week during the special session!!


  1. Speak up: Boycott special interest donors of Mr. Straus.
  2. Let your state representative know that slow-moving obstruction by Speaker Straus is unacceptable. 

Republished action alert from Grassroots America. Image credit: DaveWilsonPhotography. Contributor: Don Kirchoff.

With 12 days remaining in the Special Session, the property tax reform bill is sitting in the Calendars Committee waiting for a floor vote to be scheduled. Other conservative reform bills are languishing in House Committees ruled by the Road blocking Rinos.

Twelve days and counting, but your Texas House is empty this Friday afternoon.

There were no committee hearings scheduled for Friday afternoon either. None – zip, zero, nada. There’s no floor action all weekend, and not one single House Committee meeting or hearing on actual legislation is scheduled all weekend. The Calendars Committee meets Sunday afternoon @ 1:15 PM. The House is scheduled to stroll in to do a little work Monday afternoon, convening at 2 PM.

Twelve days and counting…

There is NO sense of business urgency within the Texas House leadership to get Governor Abbott’s conservative, pro-taxpayer, pro-liberty items through the committee process so there can be floor debate and a vote, but even worse, there’s no sense of urgency to get the People’s work done. None.

Statewide conservative organizations consistently are calling for action. Governor Abbott is calling for action. Grassroots activists are calling for action. New Texas Republican Party Chairman James Dickey is calling for action. Nothing moves Joe Straus and his obstructionist Committee Chairs – nothing.

Texas House Republican Caucus Chairman Tan Parker and all of the Republican Representatives need to understand this…a tipping point is coming.

Just as the DC Swamp Masters Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have damaged the GOP brand across this country, Straus and his foot soldiers in the Texas House are indeed damaging the Republican brand.

If Republican Representatives don’t start resisting the Texas House Swamp Masters, they will be drowned by them.

The silence of an overwhelming majority of the 95 Republican members of the Texas House is deafening. The people have had enough.Twelve days and counting…

Build the Tipping Point. Take Action. If you don’t speak, they cannot hear you.

  1. Contact Texas House Republican Caucus Chairman Tan Parker to let him know that the slow-moving Texas House is unacceptable. Ask him what he’s doing about it. Ask him why they are not on the House floor every day at 9 am until midnight debating bills. If he says the bills aren’t ready, ask him why the GOP Committee chairs aren’t meeting around the clock to get bills ready to go to Calendars to be scheduled for a floor vote. His Austin office number is (512) 463-0688; and his Flower Mound office number is (972) 724-8477. Message him on Facebook @tparker63 and Twitter @tparker63
  2. Contact your own State Representative with the same questions. He or she may not be a committee chair, but letting them know how you feel about this nonsense and inaction puts pressure on them to RESIST the Straus leadership. To find phone numbers for your State Rep., click here. To find the Facebook and Twitter links for your State Rep, click here.
  3. Contact the Texas Republican House Caucus. Email:  Message on Facebook: @TxHouseCaucus and on Twitter: @TxHouseCaucus
  4. Share this message with your organization and your email list. Share it on social media. We need all conservative voices building the pressure to force the tipping point.
  5. Contacting Joe Straus is a waste of time – so train your efforts on Chairman Parker and your State Rep. to let him/her know you expect them to speak up.
Don’t just sit there and take it.
Do something.

Republished action alert from Grassroots America. Click on link below to read more from Grassroots America.

Your Texas House at Work: Courtesy of Obstructive House Speaker Joe Straus & His Willing Accomplices – GOP Committee Chairs



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One Response to "Are You Sick of This?"

  1. Dave Ramos  August 10, 2017 at 8:02 am

    Regretfully, my rep is that RINO Joe Strauss. I have told countless people that he is/was a Democrat liberal. Yet we can’t seem to successfully primary him. HE is one of the main reasons we have no real conservative agenda at the State level in Texas. I hope EVERYONE reading this article remembers this and chooses to make sure he doesn’t win the next race. If we had him defeated, it would go a long way towards enacting some of the conservative legislation that has been stifled for years.

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