Article V is Our One and Only Possible Salvation From a Federal Government That Has Completely Gone Off the Tracks

article V ratification

Many folks now understand that Article V is our one and only possible salvation from a Federal government that has completely gone off the tracks with unbridled deficit spending, overregulating the citizenry, usurping states rights, and generally ignoring the constraints placed on the federal government by the Constitution.

While some organizations solely focus on one amendment, like a balanced budget, the COS believes that the federal problem is much bigger than just a budget issue.  While we fully agree that a balanced budget amendment is an important part of any plan to rein in the feds, we also understand that much of the current unconstitutional federal overreach would not be addressed by only a balanced budget amendment.

The difference in their plan and the COS plan is that they limit the convention to one amendment, while we limit the convention to one issue: limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

Either way, the scope of the convention is limited and could not turn in to a runaway convention as some uninformed detractors claim.

The COS restricts any proposed amendments to only those that will limit the power or jurisdiction of the federal government.  So it is impossible to have a runaway convention by limiting the power and jurisdiction of the Feds too much.

Here are just a few examples of amendments that would place limits on the federal government that would not be covered in a balanced budget amendment:

  • Term limits on Congress could be set at not more than 12 years total in office;
  • Term limits on Supreme Court justices could be set at one 12-year term;
  • States could override bad legislation with agreement of 3/5 of the states;
  • States could override bad executive decisions, in the same manner;
  • States could override bad Supreme Court decisions, in the same manner.
  • States could overturn bad regulations imposed illegally by the unconstitutional fourth branch of government.

These are some reasons why the Convention of States plan is better than the other plans that only focus on a balanced budget amendment.  There is too much wrong with the government to fix with only one amendment.

Allen Tharp
President, San Antonio Tea Party

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2 Responses to "Article V is Our One and Only Possible Salvation From a Federal Government That Has Completely Gone Off the Tracks"

  1. Jerry Harben  January 6, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    While I would welcome a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, I think there is very little chance such a change would be ratified by 38 states. The state legislators know they receive a lot of money from Washington, and that would dry up if the feds are required to balance their budget. That would make it very difficult to get the necessary votes.
    One of the most important amendments that could be proposed would to be restate the interstate commerce clause of Article I, Section 8; making clear that it empowers Congress only to regulate buying and selling stuff across state lines, not anything that might theoretically have some effect on someone in another state. At one stroke, that would eliminate most of the current Federal overreach.

  2. JM  January 6, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    The time to do this is now.

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