As Congress Returns From Their 7-Week Break…

As Congress Returns From Their 7-Week Break…
By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

As Congress returns from their 7-week break and goes back into session, this is a good time to remind everyone about some legislative action items still pending.  I have written extensively on many of these in previous SATP articles, so will not go into depth today, so that the action items do not get buried in TMI.  You can go back and review any of these articles in our archives, if you want more information.  This list is not meant to be a comprehensive list but does reflect some of the legislative items I feel should be prioritized.

Please ask your Congressional reps to support the following:


  • The Financial CHOICE Act (click here for H.R. discussion draft)

This bill was introduced by Congressman Hensarling to mitigate the harm done by the 2300-page Dodd-Frank Act and is designed to end too-big-to-fail and taxpayer bailouts of financial institutions.  This bill would restore the regular constitutional role of Congress by requiring congressional approval of major financial regulations based on cost-benefit analysis.

Stop Obamacare bailouts.

Senator Ben Sasse and Representative Mark Walker introduced this bill because the Obama administration has consistently given priority to big insurance companies over taxpayers. This bill would “penalize HHS for illegally compensating big insurance companies and prioritizing their interests ahead of those of taxpayers, through the ACA reinsurance program.”

  • Protecting Workplace Advancement and Opportunity Act (H.R. 4773)

This bill was introduced to stop Obama’s unilateral job-killing DOL rule that will arbitrarily more than double the pay level subject to overtime from just over $23,000 to almost $47,500. If Congress cannot stop this bill from going into effect on December 1, 2016, employers will be forced to completely change their relationships with salaried employees, making most of them hourly employees. This will hurt jobs, businesses, and put decisions that should be made between employers and employees into the hands of the Federal Government.

This bill has 190 co-sponsors, but it has not received a vote as of now.

  • The Marine Access and State Transparency (MAST) Act (H.R. 330)

Introduced by Rep. Don Young–would require Congressional approval for new monuments.

Obama has greatly abused the Antiquities Act of 1906, which allows presidents to designate land for national parks. Obama has used this Act to authorize the Federal Government to steal land from the states. He has taken more land away from states than any other president. He is then able to disallow the use of such lands for any purpose for which he does not approve, such as oil drilling. All of this is done without Congressional approval.

These bills would prevent discrimination against people who support the concept of traditional marriage between a man and a woman.  The bill has received a hearing but still no markup in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, despite a lot of pressure from the grassroots. FADA has the support of 173 House Republicans including 23 of the 25 House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members. Contact your Congressmen, especially those on the Committee, to ensure they protect religious liberty and support FADA.

  • The Protecting Internet Freedom Act (S. 3034)

This BILL, introduced by Sen. Cruz and Rep. Duffy, prohibits Obama from unilaterally giving away the internet.

  • The Local Zoning and Property Rights Protection Act of 2015 (H.R. 1995)

Opposing Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFH),

The Local Zoning and Property Rights Protection Act of 2015 (H.R. 1995) prohibits HUD from implementing the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule (AFFH). This bill was previously introduced by Representative Paul Gosar and was assigned to a Congressional committee on April 23rd 2015, but it never made it out of committee. Senator Mike Lee also offered an amendment in the Senate to try to stop Obama’s housing redistribution scheme, but the McConnell Senate voted it down.

The AFFH is all about redistributing Americans according to race quotas and economic status and bringing public housing projects to costly, high-end neighborhoods.

Tell Congress to stop Obama’s Federal Government zoning board and let us run our own neighborhoods. Stop the AFFH.

  • Impeach IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen

Congress must hold Koskinen accountable for his involvement in the cover-up of IRS targeting Tea Party groups to help Democrats re-elect Obama in 2012.

Although he violated a subpoena and provided misleading testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and presided over the destruction of 24,000 emails, Congress has not had the guts yet to stand up and impeach him.

Introduced by Senator Mike Lee and Rep. Ron DeSantis.

These bills will give states the power to determine their own roadmap for transportation policy while largely eliminating Washington’s role as a bureaucratic middleman.  They would also drop the federal gasoline tax over 5 years from 18.3 cents a gallon to 3.7 cents a gallon. Freedom Works picked this as their bill of the month.

  • Finally be sure to sign up to attend the Heritage SENTINEL SUMMIT 2016

on Thursday, November  17 – Saturday, November 19, 2016. The event will be held at JW Marriott,  San Antonio Hill Country, San Antonio, TX. REGISTER NOW at

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.


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