The Board and Members of the San Antonio Tea Party

The San Antonio Tea Party Board of Directors is the managing body of this grass roots organization. The Board operates as a planning committee for most of the events of the supporters. These are educational programs on issues, training programs for social media using (Twitter or Facebook) and training programs for involvement in the political […]

January 2015 Tom’s Tubthumpers

Jan 27, 2015 January is almost over already!  The Texas Legislature is in its 84th session and opportunities for us to be heard in Austin on a variety of subjects abound.  One of our own, Steve Baysinger, has been selected for Lt Gov Dan Patrick’s Grassroots Advisory Board, so congratulate Steve next chance you get. […]

America Struggles Under the Weight Of the Affordable Care Act

By Allen Tharp, President SATP Low-margin businesses like restaurants have struggled with the extra regulations and expense foisted on them by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While a high tech company like Apple can invest a couple of dollars in materials for an IPhone and sell it for $800, restaurants do not enjoy the same […]

Smart grid powers up privacy worries

Smart grid powers up privacy worries

The next Big Data threat to our privacy may come from the electricity we consume in our homes. “Smart” online power meters are tracking energy use — and that data may soon be worth more than the electricity they distribute. The Department of Energy is publishing in January the final draft of a voluntary code […]