Bombshell: Obama rejects intel on known Islamic terrorists

"...many are again straining to understand what on earth is really going on inside Obama’s mind."

Ed. Note:  Our gravest danger is defective leadership. It is reported that President Obama consistently rejects intelligence reports on radical Islamic terror, resulting in the “catastrophic Obama-era decline of America now threatening to spin out of control.”

And the leading Democrat candidates for President support his policies and promise to take this catastrophic decline farther.

Republished from World Net Daily,, November 20, 2015, by Leo Hohmann.  Image credit, The Associated Press

 ‘He has made up his mind’

by Leo Hohmann

Citing insider White House sources, investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson dropped a bombshell during an interview with Steve Malzberg.

Attkisson said President Obama has come to the point where he will not even listen to intelligence reports on certain Islamic terror groups – groups that are listed by the U.S. State Department as involved in international terror against Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims around the world.

Attkisson is a former CBS journalist who left that organization after it stifled many of her investigative reports. She now heads up the independent Internet news site Full Measure.

Here is an excerpt from her interview Friday with Malzberg:

“I have talked to people who have worked in the Obama administration who firmly believe he has made up his mind, I would say closed his mind, they say, to their intelligence they try to bring him about various groups he does not consider terrorists even if they’re on the U.S. list of designated terrorists. He has his own ideas. There are those who’ve known him for a long time that say this dates back to law school. He’s not necessarily going to listen to the people with whom he disagrees. He seems to dig in. And I would say that’s because he thinks he’s right.”

Watch 2-minute clip of Attkisson’s interview with Malzberg.

“I don’t know the reasoning for it,” she continued. “I’ve only been told by those who have allegedly attempted to present him or been in the circle that has attempted to present him with certain intelligence that they said he doesn’t want it, he said he doesn’t want it or he won’t read it in some instances.”

America is unraveling! How can we heal a nation broken by a lawless government and a godless culture? Read David Kupelian’s latest blockbuster book, “The Snapping of the American Mind.”

David Kupelian, managing editor of WND, has attempted to get inside Obama’s mind in his new book, “The Snapping of the American Mind.”

Kupelian wrote in a column earlier this week that, with the catastrophic Obama-era decline of America now threatening to spin out of control, “many are again straining to understand what on earth is really going on inside Obama’s mind.”

He cited the following list of concerns and possible explanations for Obama’s narcissism.

  • Some cite his barely disguised Marxist worldview (Fox pundit Monica Crowley recently said on the radio, “Obama’s not a Democrat. He’s a Marxist revolutionary”), with its obsession with radical redistribution of wealth and power. Marxism, by definition, justifies as “moral” not merely lying, but ruthless suppression of dissent, violence and tyranny – as long as these measures advance the glorious (though delusional) utopian cause. “Exhibit A” for this point would be the entire 20th century.
  • Some cite Obama’s childhood and upbringing. His Marxist-atheist-alcoholic-bigamist Kenyan father abandoned him, his Islamic stepfather raised him as a Muslim in Indonesia, his mother essentially abandoned him, and his most influential mentor as a young teenager was Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA, a pornographer and admitted sexual abuser of minors.
  • Some cite Obama’s religious background – his 20-year affiliation with his “spiritual mentor,” the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who preached raw hatred of America, capitalism and white people, and whose “black liberation theology” gospel amounts to Afro-centric Marxism dressed up with cherry-picked Bible verses.
  • Some cite his background in “Chicago politics” – a euphemism for wall-to-wall corruption and criminality. Indeed, the state of Illinois, where a staggering total of four recent governors – Otto Kerner, Dan Walker, George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich – have gone to prison for corruption, remains a political cesspool to this day, as confirmed by a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s political science department. Obama is a product of this legendarily corrupt “Chicago machine” and played the game ruthlessly while rising in the ranks there.
  • Some cite Obama’s education, the most important part of which, by his own admission, came via Saul Alinsky. During the 2008 campaign, Obama said of his years steeped in the Chicago Marxist’s revolutionary “community organizing” methods: “It was that education that was seared into my brain. It was the best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School.”
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2 Responses to "Bombshell: Obama rejects intel on known Islamic terrorists"

  1. RICHARD SANDERS  December 5, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    ATT. ESTEEMED PATRIOT READER: Do Consider the necessity of such a force to deter the formation of K.K.K. Vigilante type groups; which Comrade-caliph Obama would undoubtedly love….because with just once incident by such a bunch Obama’s justification for full blown martial law would again bring him into our living rooms on the “Tele” telling us how for “Our Own Protection…ad nauseum”……So while we mull that over, check this out – – – –

  2. RICHARD SANDERS  December 5, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    My December 5th letter to Governor Abbott – HONORABLE GOVERNOR ABBOTT: I note with profound regret that the State of Texas has had to acquiesce to the Federal government’s initiative to allow Syrian immigration here. This subject of course, (especially by liberal naysayers), becomes conflated with “Profiling”. But “profiling” in a given situation’s aftermath highlights the true statement of “IF THE SHOE FITS WEAR IT”. Hence we acknowledge that “TERRORISTS” sadly to say, have “profiled” themselves in the often bloody and tragic aftermath. As a private citizen and concerned member of Texas society, I will promote the idea of the expansion of the role and size of the TEXAS DEFENSE FORCE to include a state militia component that is recognized as legitimate and now necessary, to be combined under the auspices of sheriffs and constables who would stand up groups performing surveillance, vigilance, communication, defensive and responsive combat roles. I do believe you shall have a groundswell of backers if you and the state leaders initiate the necessary steps to do this. Please Sir do consider that this certainly can be proposed in a completely “Non-inflammatory” manner: Logic tells us that terrorist acts can be spawned within and from any group so there is definitely NO EFFORT being made to “PROFILE” any one group. However once established any company, (particularly notable among insurance companies), or special force with a purpose will be observing, analyzing and responding to statistics as they carry out their function, which when objectively viewed is purely pragmatic.. Let me say that I intend to copy this and forward it to other Texan colleagues, family and acquaintances, hopefully to secure for your office all the support that will be needed to defend and preserve a civil civic atmosphere in our great state. May GOD Bless and Guide You and Your’s. Respectfully, Richard D. Sanders in San Antonio

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