Book Burners and Demagogues

We have entered a sad period in American history that will be looked back on with shame by future generations.

By Allen Tharp

Allen Tharp fm media

By Allen Tharp

We have entered a sad period in American history that will be looked back on with shame by future generations. It is the era of the book burners and demagogues who are bent on destroying any symbols they don’t like or history that doesn’t meet with their personal approval. They use any opportunity to demagogue for political advantage.

Although the Confederate battle flag has been around for over a century and a half, after a mentally disturbed kid tragically killed nine black parishioners, Obama made sure that the Confederate flag and white racism absurdly became the locus of this controversy. Suddenly a mere flag must not only be decried as an evil symbol of racism and oppression, but it must be removed, burned, and stricken from history and it must be done now, according to the liberal demagogues exploiting this catastrophe. After all, as they have told us, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The flag obviously had nothing to do with this senseless act, and there is no white movement to kill our black brothers and sisters. But the liberal demagogue’s aim is division, so the liberal narrative ignores reality and pushes the false and hateful narrative that Dylan Roof represents white America. It didn’t matter to Obama that all of white America mourned with the grieving black families and were shocked and disgusted by what happened. It didn’t matter to him that blacks and whites came together after this tragedy, as whites comforted and mourned with the black families. It didn’t matter to him that white-on-black crime is extremely rare. What mattered to Obama was that he could exploit this tragedy and peddle hate and strife between the races.

Rather than allow the healing to continue, as blacks and whites came together to mourn the loss, the hate-peddling Obama did everything he could to separate the races and gin up as much ill will as possible.

It was not enough to remove the Confederate flag though. Every white person had to then express their disdain for the flag or they were to be declared racists.

Then as the hate peddlers took us further down the slippery slope, we were told that we had to also remove the American flag and any other symbols they chose to target. The purge was on. They targeted history, monuments, statues, movies, books, and on and on into absurdity. Everything from peanut butter sandwiches to paper bags were said to be racist.

Washington, D.C., must be renamed because George Washington owned slaves. They push renaming all cities, streets, and buildings with the names Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Lee, Jackson, etc. … They have said even the Constitution is racist. Obviously there is no end to their juvenile insanity.

Now the FAA is going to use our tax dollars to rename navigation points named after Donald Trump because he advocates closing our porous border, and somehow that must be racist.

We’ve seen this hysteria too often before. Al-Qaida and ISIS destroyed ancient relics, writings, and antiquities of their enemies because they did not fit in to their radical belief system.

The Nazis were notorious for purging opposing views, suppressing free speech, and for their book burnings. The Nazi German Student Association burned over 25,000 books in 1933 at one sitting. Left-wing Nazi ideologues suppressed any ideals that did not mesh with their belief system and purged organizations that they felt were not in line with their Nazi goals. Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Enlightenment, helped the Nazis convince the populace that those who opposed the Nazis were degenerates that had no place in their enlightened society.

Cultural suppression and purging of icons has occurred many times since ancient times, as a method for the total destruction of an enemy. And make no mistake, Obama sees us as his enemy. It is time to acknowledge Obama for what he is: an incredibly racist president whose goal is to divide and weaken America.

We need to vehemently oppose all misguided attempts to revise and rewrite American history, including the destruction of historical symbols. It should not happen on a local level, and it should not happen on a national level.  Accommodating the hate mongers and fools only fans the flames and perpetuates the myth that American is racist and if we just remove this one more icon and burn just one more book, we can prove we are not racist and assuage the phony “white guilt” we are supposed to carry, according to liberals.

Stop this idiotic slide down the slippery slope now and let your city, state, and Federal officials know you have had enough.


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3 Responses to "Book Burners and Demagogues"

  1. Chuck  July 16, 2015 at 11:35 am

    The sadness is that there are a majority of people that elected, and re-elected, this person as POTUS. This administration has been able to not only accomplish whatever it wished, and also to minimize and de-rate any who opposed. The SATP is just one example.

    I have read, and reread the Declaration of Independence several times over the past two weeks — not the well known sections, but the reasons for the Declaration. To me, it appears that most of the charges against King Gorge may now apply from ‘the States’ against ‘the Federal Government of the USA’.

    Got some smart, dedicated people that might like to explore?

  2. Nancy  July 15, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    Then the liberals need to get rid of the democrat party too since they stood for slavery.

  3. Cindy Guzowski  July 15, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Thank you for taking the time to write this great article Allen. The picture of the book burning in Germany is perfect for showing what is happening in our country today. This insanity must stop. Prior to the horrific gunning down of these nine innocent people by the crazy psycho Dylan Roof no one really cared much about the confederate flag! It is not the flag that killed these people.

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