Break Out the Champagne!

Break Out the Champagne!
By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

Conservatives across America celebrated when John Boehner stepped down from his position as Speaker of the House.  We celebrate his departure because he sold out conservatives, supported Obama’s agenda, and squandered the GOP majority.

We celebrate because as an informed electorate, we are sick of Congress regularly using “show votes” to fool and mislead Americans.  Over and over, GOP members of Congress pretend to fight for a conservative agenda, while actually voting against the conservative agenda when it counts.  Smoke and mirror legislation worked before conservative voters woke up and learned how deceitful Congress really is.  Many conservatives now are privy to the Congressional trickery that has been used to hornswoggle voters in to believing, that up is down and black is white.  This chicanery no longer works on us.  We now understand how the game is played and how America has been played.  Vote against funding Obama’s programs in a standalone vote destined to fail, then vote for funding the same program in a Continuing Resolution, when it really counts.


Now, we are asked to believe that Boehner stepped down because of the pope’s visit.    Boehner and McConnell have become masters of deceit.  They lie and obfuscate constantly.  So, why would we suddenly start believing the words of a proven, serial liar?  A reason much more likely to me is that Boehner once again is putting his self-interest first and has a lucrative offer from K-Street.  He has been motivated by money and self-interest since he has been Speaker, so we can safely assume he still is.

Regardless of his reasons, Boehner is gone, and conservatives see this as a chance for Congress to turn around and rebuild the trust they have lost, by putting in a true conservative as Speaker.  But our local Congressional representatives see it differently.  They are signaling that they plan to support Boehner’s next in line, McCarthy. If they do, this is another opportunity squandered and another betrayal of the voters.  Please let your representative know that we want real change. We want a Conservative in this position.

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2 Responses to "Break Out the Champagne!"

  1. Marion Cain  October 2, 2015 at 11:38 am

    I think we must prevent McCarthy (Boehner II) from becoming speaker. I stronagly suggest we all put our weight behind Daniel Webster of Florida — I think this because the true conservative game will be played in procedure not policy. Webster is not as conservative as we would like, but he showed in Florida that he knows how to use procedure to get things done. The house must be given back to the representatives and not held hostage by a handful of senior representatives

  2. Alan Smith  September 30, 2015 at 11:53 am

    Before we start celebrating we must keep in mind Boehner will be the Speaker until October 31. Thus, he has time to contribute to Obama’s illegal agenda and do more damage to our Constitution. We should all demand our representatives support the “vacate the seat” and put Boehner out before his deadline for retirement.

    There is no requirement the Speaker of the House be a member of the House of Representatives. I have already requested my representative push for electing former representative from Florida, Allen West. Mr. West has experience in the House and had a respectable military career. He also is very articulate. We could do worse than taking a chance on a Boehner lite which is what we would get with any of the current leadership position holders.

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