Call to Action on DACA

Representative __________:

I applaud President Trump’s announcement to end DACA within a six-month period and compel congressional action to address both DACA and broader immigration failures.

What actions are you taking to address the unconstitutional and illegal DACA program created by President Obama?

In my view a “fix” for the “dreamers” must be part of a comprehensive immigration policy that also includes:
1) mandatory e-verify
2) end chain migration
3) fund construction of the border wall
4) reform our broken legal immigration system.

We need border and immigration policies that serve the 320 plus million Americans, not carveouts to benefit particular groups or political agendas.


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One Response to "Call to Action on DACA"

  1. Don Stephens  September 13, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    The draft letter says: In my view a “fix” for the “dreamers” must be part of a comprehensive immigration policy .

    There should be “NO” fix for the Dreamers.They are here illegally .All illegals–including the Dreamers MUST be deported.It appears that Trump is willing to sell out those who voted for him because of his stance on illegal immigration. If he does this–he loses my support and I would not vote for him again.His stance on immigration was “the reason” I voted for him–but it appears he is about to betray the American people.His “America first “slogan appears to be just empty words.

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