City Hall Press Conference, 23Jun16 at 2:15 PM

YOU ARE NEEDED / INVITED TO PARTICIPATE: (CPS Energy Customers, from All neighborhoods)


 A Large Group (FROM ALL NEIGHBORHOODS)  will show THE MAYOR how Strong the Opposition is…. Bring Friends !

WHEN:  Thurs., June 23 – 2:15 PM (following the LULAC meeting with the Mayor)

LULAC Press Conference, re:  Smart Meters, Light Rail, San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) 

City Hall steps, 100 Military Plaza, 78205

Stand with LULAC, Stan Mitchell, Mike Dennis, George Alejos, Henry Rodriguez, and local residents from ALL neighborhoods, In Opposition to: ‘Smart’ Meters & Opt Out fees, Light Rail, SAHA issues, etc. 

Stan Mitchell  (Street Car Coalition’s numbers guy) has exposed the CPS misrepresentation re: the staggering cost of the Smart Grid project over time…$ 1.2 Billion, and counting !   By contrast, CPS’ cost-benefit analysis is incomplete.

Utility bills have skyrocketed, the 20/month Opt Out fee was never voted on by City Council.  (it was decided on by a few on the un-elected CPS board)   Memphis, TN, (municipal utility) decided against Opt Out fees.  Vermont passed legislation against Opt Out fees.   If Memphis and Vermont can do it, so can CPS Energy !

See you there!