Conservative Talking Points You Can Use Today!

Conservative Talking Points You Can Use Today!


By Don Kirchoff

By Don Kirchoff

This is the perfect time for Conservative Activists to make themselves known to their elected representatives. Throughout their term in office they should hear from you often.

The numbers add up, and your power to influence is multiplied.

Here are some Conservative Talking Points you can use to build your first message, whether by eMail, phone, or handwritten letter (really powerful in their eyes) …



Dear Senator ____  /  Representative ____:

Please assure that a bill that Repeals ObamaCare is passed and is on President-elect Trump’s desk for him to sign on the day of his inauguration:

  • We do not need and we do not want government involved in our healthcare.
  • We do not want any parts of ObamaCare retained.
  • We do not want directives that tell us to buy insurance we do not need, do not want, and may not be able to afford.
  • We do not want any of government’s job-killing federal mandates.
  • We do not want penalties imposed by the IRS for choosing to not buy something directed by the government.

ObamaCare has damaged the lives of most Americans and according to non-partisan experts at the Department of Health & Human Services, thanks to ObamaCare:

  • Growth in healthcare costs for 2015 was the fastest in eight years.
  • Healthcare costs in 2015 grew to $3.2 trillion, a 5.8% growth for the year, for an average cost of $9,990 per person.
  • It became harder for government programs, employers, and individuals to afford the level of health care that Americans are used to having.
  • The federal government became the largest payor of healthcare in 2015.
  • The age-old problem of spending growing faster than the economy has not been controlled as promised

Please be sure that a bill to Repeal ObamaCare has passed Congress and is on President Trump’s desk for his signature on Inauguration Day. No more excuses.



Don Kirchoff is a member of the SATP Board of Directors and is an activist leader with Heritage Action for America.



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