Texas Plan: Convention of States Project

By Douglas Richter

On Friday, August 19th, the San Antonio Tea Party hosted an Article V luncheon with guests Lyle Larson, State Representative for House District 122, and Paul Hodson, Convention of States Project Co-Director for the state of Texas. Around 75 guests joined us at the Lion & Rose for a much needed conversation on the Article V movement to rein in the federal government and restore liberty.

Lyle-Larson-COS-Award03We presented Lyle Larson with an award to thank him for supporting HJR 77 (Convention of States resolution) in the 84th legislative session and for pledging support in the upcoming (85th) session in January. Lyle is a strong advocate of the Convention of States movement, and we hope he chooses to co-sponsor this crucial legislation in 2017.

Paul Hodson, Texas COSPaul Hodson was also on hand to discuss the Convention of States Project’s momentum from last session and how Governor Abbott’s Texas Plan has provided a huge endorsement for the initiative. The Convention of States resolution stumbled in a Senate committee in 2015, but Governor Abbott’s endorsement and grassroots pressure, not to mention unprecedented federal abuse and overreach, have prompted many state senators to reconsider supporting a state amendment convention. Although there has been much progress in persuading our senators to the cause, there is still not a clear majority who support the resolution. It is critical that we continue our grassroots efforts in both the Texas House and Senate.

It was encouraging to see so many people join us for a discussion about solutions to our runaway federal government. The more we recognize and understand Washington’s growing threat to liberty, the better chance we have of saving our country. Some people feel that this process has never before been done or that it will take too long to accomplish. However, neither of these are legitimate reasons for preemptive surrender. We’ve never before had a federal government so hostile to We the People and the American heritage as we do now. This is a time to lead, not leave. If not for our children, grandchildren, and generations yet unborn, then for the future of human liberty. This is how a free people resist tyranny.

For more information or to get more involved, please contact Douglas Richter, the Regional Captain for the San Antonio area, at 210-882-8133 or douglasrichter@reagan.com.

Douglas Richter is a member of the San Antonio Tea Party Board of Directors.

Convention of States Presentation to SATPCLICK HERE. This is a .pdf format. The smallest file size but misses some graphics

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