Convention of States: The Nation is Taking Notice

We Say: San Antonio Tea Party has supported the Convention of States movement since it began. SATP followers have made phone calls, sent letters, sent eMail and even made the trip to Austin to show support at the Capital.

It is so satisfying to know that we (and many other Tea Party and Conservative groups) made our voices heard. Political activism works.

While we were kicked back taking a deep breath, the Missouri legislature followed suit. We’ve learned there are at least a dozen other states waiting for Texas to take the lead. When contacted their lawmakers answered with something like “What has Texas done with this?”

This is a great video news story from

Last week saw an historic accomplishment for the Convention of States Movement. Thanks to 125,000+ grassroots activists, Texas became the 11th state to pass the Convention of States resolution. Texas has joined the constitutional revolution brewing all across the nation. And there is a good reason that revolution is brewing.

(Ed. Note: Also last week, the “Show-me” state of Missouri became the 12 state to call for a Convention of States)

Also last week, we saw a feckless, out of touch House of Representatives pass another “fake” Obamacare repeal. Unable to muster the will to pass an actual repeal, which they did dozens of times during the Obama administration, they cobbled together what can only accurately be called RINOcare. It is still a disaster, and will not return healthcare to the people or the states. And it’s certainly NOT a repeal of Obamacare. While this bill is marginally better than the last one, it is still a head fake to the American people who elected this Congress and this President to REPEAL Obamacare.

Meanwhile, a Congress dominated by RINOs passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill which departs only marginally from the big spending, big government days of the Obama administration. The bill actually blocks funding for a border wall, while continuing to fund Planned Parenthood. And while the bill does increase badly needed military funding, this spending doesn’t come from cuts to programs that congressman and the President promised would be cut.

In the end, the bill actually increases spending by $93 billion above the previously agreed upon budget caps. Conservatives…where are the conservatives? Promises…what promises? This is not what the people voted for, nor will they stand for it.

This is why the passage of the Convention of States resolution in Texas is so important right now. Washington DC will NEVER change itself.

Washington DC is NOT the solution to our problems…it is our problem. The solution must come in the form of a peaceful revolution, from the people, through an Article V Convention of States. The Founders told us this time would come. Thank God the people of Texas, and ten other states already understand. Twenty-three more states to go.

The revolution is on. Will you stand by and watch the country fail, or will you join the revolution?

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