Distorting the English Language

[Ed. Note: Oops! The correct part of speech is “noun” for this spot-on definition. But you get the point…]

By Allen Tharp

We all know that words are powerful and can be used to inform or to deceive and mislead. Have you noticed how words can also reveal a person’s true colors? Look at how often establishment Republicans use the vernacular of liberals and often choose to promote the principles of their liberal counterparts, instead of the principles we would expect from Republicans. Look at how often the words used by liberals actually mean the opposite of what they say.

I recall when Boehner commented on Paul Ryan as Romney’s pick for VP in the 2012 election: well at least he is not a “knuckle dragger.” Knuckle dragger? Where do we often hear that term? It is from the liberal media describing true conservatives. I’ve heard MSNBC use terms like knuckle dragger, troglodyte, and Neanderthal to depict conservatives in the Tea Party over and over. The fact that Boehner so readily adopted MSNBC terminology to describe Ryan revealed his true mindset. Like many liberals, he sees himself more enlightened than those of us who believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty. His phrasing was a red flag warning of what was to come. Like Mitch McConnell, Boehner believes that conservatives deserve a “punch in the nose.”

Remember when McCain called Senator Cruz and Paul “Wacko-birds”? Wacko is another term used often by the worst of the worst liberals when describing Constitutional conservatives like the Tea Party. Through his language, McCain revealed that he identifies more with liberals like Pelosi, Reid, and MSNBC personalities than he does with real conservatives.

Note how RINOs like Bush, Christi, Rubio, Graham, and McCain adopt the very language now used by Obama on immigration matters. When they parrot the liberal mantra, “Our immigration system is broken,” and “We need comprehensive immigration reform,” they are really saying we need to ignore current immigration laws. They are really saying that accepting open borders is reasonable and amnesty for illegals is rational. They are really saying that protecting the sovereignty of our nation is greedy and unfair.

When a liberal says we should all pay our “fair share” of taxes, any rational person should assume that means we all pay taxes and at the same percentage. However, the top 50% of earners pay 100% of all taxes and the bottom percentage pay nothing. Is that really a “fair share”? Obviously, paying your fair share should mean we all pay taxes at the same rate. But, our language has been distorted to mean the opposite of reality.

Take “spending cuts,” for example. Spending cuts no longer mean cutting spending in liberal political speak. It just means you cut the growth of spending, although you do not actually cut one penny of real spending. Today we hear Republicans use this misleading terminology as often as Democrats. This is a sign of how far left both parties have moved.

Another example of how liberals distort the English language to deceive can be found in what they call themselves: “progressives.” If the left is progressive, then what is progress?

  • Bankrupting the nation is not progress.
  • Killing small business and jobs is not progress.
  • Using government entitlements to garner political support is not progress.
  • Encouraging the entitlement mentality is not progress.
  • Promoting a victim mentality is not progress.
  • Unconstitutionally expanding the Federal Government is not progress.
  • Perpetuating racial strife is not progress.
  • Transforming our public schools and colleges into leftist indoctrination centers is not progress.

Yet the term, progressive, persists and misleads many young folks into believing that liberals are the party of progress.

Beware of those who use the English language to mislead Americans by distorting reality.


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3 Responses to "Distorting the English Language"

  1. RICHARD SANDERS  July 22, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    The crowning touch has been the “Questionaire-Donation Request” forms the National and yes the county Republican Parties have sent out……………L.O.L., CHORTLE, GUFFAW. They must think that wholesale marijuana consumption was legalized or that the supposed “chemtrails” contained a mighty powerful halucinogen

  2. Aggie Mom  July 22, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Yes, you’re absolutely right, Elise! We liked the image in the public domain and failed to notice until publishing time that the part of speech and definition didn’t agree. We will add a disclaimer to the article on our website!

  3. Elise  July 22, 2015 at 8:52 am

    Great article! Agree completely. Note, however, that the T-shirt identifies the word “progressive” as an adjective, but then proceeds to use a noun to define it – “Any politician . . .” Politician is a noun, not an adjective. Progressive can be both an adjective and a noun, but the t-shirt incorrectly mixes the two. Love the idea of the shirt, but maybe we should be more grammatically accurate.

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