Federal Subsidies to the States Remain High

Republican state policymakers have been particularly vocal in arguing that Washington should mind its own business and leave each state to its own devices.

Ed. Note: Contrast of representation by our two US Senators is stark: 1) Senator Cruz votes to limit government and bring spending under control; 2) Senator Cornyn votes to maintain the status quo, continuing to expand government and increase spending.

 Heavy-handed federal government presence in state and local affairs is bought by federal dollars, which represents about 30% of state budgets on average. Big government intrusion in our state and local affairs will continue if we do not change the status quo. Take action – consider politicians’ voting records when you vote. Republished from  Mercatus.org, by Veronique de Rugy April 20, 2015.

 Ed. Note: Republished from Mercatus.org. CLICK HERE to read the original.

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