GOP Continues to Offer up Pale Pastels and No Bold Colors

Allen Tharp fm mediaBy Allen Tharp

The GOP just released their new plan called the American Health Care Reform Act, to repeal and replace Obamacare.   It was written by Reps. Phil Roe of Tennessee and Austin Scott of Georgia. And has the backing of the Republican Study Committee, a caucus made up of nearly 170 members of the House of Representatives.

They are even talking about using reconciliation to accomplish this, which is something we have been pushing them to do.

But as with most things the current GOP takes on, they just can’t seem to get it quite right.

First the good parts that their bill includes:

  1. Removing any subsidy assistance.  Eliminating subsidies and tax credits will also eliminate the onerous Obamacare penalties. Dropping subsidies is also crucial because a country as deeply in debt as America can ill afford to take on another costly, welfare program.
  2. Allowing Americans to purchase policies across state lines is good because it overturns the bad federal legislation that prevented this in the first place.
  3. Reforming medical liability laws seems good because I assume this means tort reform.

Now for the bad:

  1. Expanding federal funding for state “high-risk pools.” As too often happens,  the GOP buys in to bad liberal policies even as they pretend to fight against them. This is a perfect example of this. The GOP conveniently forgets that we’re broke and should be paying off our debt, not taking on another huge and costly government program. But the current crop of Republicans seem to never ask the question, “Where in the Constitution does the federal government get the power to do this?” Obviously, nowhere does the Constitution include insurance purchases or coverage as enumerated powers.
  2. Increasing tax benefits for insurance coverage. Rather than adding extra pages to our voluminous tax code, they should be scrapping the entire mess and pushing for a one-tier flat or fair tax. But instead of bold conservative initiatives, we get a hodgepodge of cobbled-together proposals that fail to address the real problems we face, which are increasing national debt and their failure to adhere to the Constitution.
  3. They left out one of the most important changes that should be included. Insurance coverage must be untethered from the employer. Anyone who pays for coverage should be able to purchase a truly portable plan that is not tied to their employer. They should be able to take a policy with them if they change employment and should be able to obtain the same favorable pricing offered currently in the employer coverage scenario.
  4. Although not a part of the proposed American Health Care Reform Act, perhaps the most inexplicable move in Congress is that Senate RINOs are now coming to Obama’s rescue with an idiotic plan TO PUT OBAMACARE ON LIFE SUPPORT should SCOTUS pull the plug – by EXTENDING ILLICIT STATE SUBSIDIES through September 2017! 

That’s right. The party that promised to repeal Obamacare, root and branch, is trying to extend the welfare subsidies that are designed to hide the true escalating cost of insurance coverage as a result of Obamacare.

The party that ran on promises to fully repeal Obamacare now are trying to save it and extend its subsidies through 2017.

Let’s hold these elected charlatans to their campaign promises. No more excuses! No more lies! No more subsidies! No more bailouts! No more Obamacare!

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