GOP offers America a new $35 billion per year welfare program

Let Cornyn and McConnell know how wrong they are to try to keep Obamacare intact. Demand full repeal.

GOP offers America a new $35 billion per year welfare program

Rather than repealing Obamacare, GOP offers America a new $35 billion per year welfare program and tries to fool America into believing that it is a conservative solution.

By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

If you’re feeling completely let down by a Congress that failed to put a repeal bill on the floor after they had promised to fully repeal Obamacare and had previously passed corresponding repeal legislation some 60 times, then you certainly should be. That means you are an informed constituent. Rather than honor their many promises to America, Congress gave us what conservatives call “a steaming pile of big government garbage” and tried to force it through the House, rather than the repeal bill they promised us.

Since their big government replace bill did not jibe with their previous full repeal rhetoric, they attempted, through sleight of hand and lots of fast talk, to sell us a donkey and convince us we were getting a thoroughbred race horse. Or maybe a white elephant is a more apropos analogy than a donkey because the AHCA cost would definitely be out of proportion to its usefulness, and it would be a “gift” that would be impossible to dispose of once we had it.

Ryan misrepresented that Congress was keeping its promises to fully repeal Obamacare, while simultaneously pushing a bill that maintained much of Obamacare’s architecture and kept many of its regulations on the books.  He assured us that the AHCA was a conservative solution that would cut our premium costs, although it actually raises the already high cost of premiums over the next two years by 20% more than the sky-high prices already experienced under Obamacare. But don’t look over there; look over here because legerdemain only works if you can divert the attention of the observer so the trick can be performed. Talented magician that he is, Ryan was not trying to make Obamacare actually disappear but to make the audience believe that it had. Meanwhile Obamacare would be intact and hidden behind the curtain ready for another performance at the next show.

Ryan also told us that 90% of Congress supported the AHCA, but apparently America is smarter than Congress because only 17% of Americans supported passing his bill. The difference in the 17% support from voters and the 90% of support from Congress shows what a huge disconnect exists between Washington D.C. and most of the rest of America.

In early 2016 the House had no problem passing a repeal bill with a vote of 240 to 181, knowing Obama would veto it. But now they show their true colors. Rather than a repeal bill, they gave us the largest Republican welfare program in history and call it repeal. These welfare programs further erode the American work ethic and create more people dependent on the Federal Government. You could not come up with a better formula for creating more Socialists and Democrat voters than this if you tried.

Even worse, RINOs publicly and privately attack conservatives for opposing their $35 billion per year welfare scheme. They accused the Freedom Caucus and other conservatives as being obstructionists. They misrepresent that conservatives were responsible for saving Obamacare, knowing full well that nothing could be further from the truth. It was the conservatives and the Freedom Caucus that stood up against federal Government meddling in our insurance and healthcare decisions. It was the RINOs, of course, that were the stumbling blocks to ending Obamacare and the unconstitutional Federal government intrusion into our lives. It was the RINOs that fought to keep Obamacare regulations and taxes. Now, while conservatives still push for full repeal, RINOs like Cornyn and McConnell say forget it. Obviously, they never wanted repeal in the first place.

After the phony GOP repeal bill failed, Trump also piled on and turned against the very people who got him elected. He ironically blamed Freedom Caucus members and other conservatives, who fought to remove the Obamacare architecture and Obamacare regulations from the AHCA, for supporting Obamacare.  Obviously blaming the failure of the AHCA to pass on those who tried hardest to repeal Obamacare regulations and taxes is totally asinine and contrary to logic.

It appears that Trump doesn’t understand who his friends are. When the GOP leadership totally abandoned him, after the Billy Bush tapes, Tea Party conservatives and the Freedom Caucus fought tooth and nail to get him elected so we could avoid the curse of the Hildebeast. It wasn’t the RINOs knocking on doors, mailing thousands of letters,   and making millions of calls to get him elected; it was conservatives. The RINOs ran for the door as fast as they could. But apparently Trump unfortunately doesn’t understand that or sees loyalty as a one-way street. Stabbing your most loyal supporters in the back seems to be a surefire way to become a one-term president.

With a Republican president, a Republican House, and a Republican Senate, we had every right to expect that a full repeal of Obamacare would have been guaranteed and a free-market alternative would have been in place by now. However, the AHCA did not repeal key elements of Obamacare and did not implement market-oriented reforms. So it is fortunate that this bill failed so Congress can do a better job next time and pass a true repeal bill.

But while we wait for Congress to get its act together, there are plenty of executive actions the Trump administration should be encouraged to also take to roll back Obamacare. Remember that phase B that we were promised? We haven’t heard much about that lately, although there is no reason phase B can’t be phase A now. Defunding Obamacare’s “cost-sharing reduction” subsidies (federal dollars that reimburse insurance companies for covering many of their out-of-pocket costs) should occur immediately.

These government reimbursements to insurance companies are not only expensive —$7 billion a year, but they’re also illegal.

Congress sued the Obama administration last year to block distribution of the subsidies. Congress had never appropriated funding for the program. So the Obama administration broke the law and infringed on the legislative branch’s constitutional “power of the purse” by illegally disbursing subsidies anyway, without Congressional authorization.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia agreed with the House that the Obama administration had broken the law, but stayed enforcement of its ruling pending an appeal from the executive branch.

Now that Trump is the president, his administration can accept the ruling of the District Court and end these subsidies to insurance companies. Obamacare exchanges would collapse then because insurance companies would pull out of the exchanges rather than lose billions.

Both Trump and Congress need to show a sense of urgency regarding repealing Obamacare because it is getting more entrenched every day, and repeal becomes more difficult and costly the longer we wait. Just since Ryan’s phony repeal/replace bill failed, Kansas expanded their Medicaid program under Obamacare and added 150,000 more Medicaid recipients to the program. Several other states are considering doing the same.

Let Cornyn and McConnell know how wrong they are to try to keep Obamacare intact. Demand full repeal.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.


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  1. Don Stephens  April 11, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    1) Repeal Obamacare and do not replace it with anything.Just repeal it and then walk away –feeling proud.
    2) Trump should go back to his previous tax plan –a flat tax with four rates–1%-5%-10% –15% –with no deductions and no exemptions for any reason.
    3) Trump has not kept his campaign promise he made probably 50 times–to issue an executive order on day one of his presidency to rescind Obama’s executive amnesty orders–DACA and DAPA. His presidency is now over 80 days–and he has lied to us–and not kept this promise.This very,very big and important promise–if not kept–will lose him my support. The problem also is that no one in the media–not even FOX News is even reporting on this–much less taking him to task about it.

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