Guest Editorial: The War We Are In….

Growing numbers of Americans are simply fed up with the government, the rhetoric employed to justify its fraudulent and nefarious actions and its actions to undermine the electoral process.

Guest Editorial: The War We Are In….

We Say: Mega Tea Party dittos to Mr. Leatherwood for this excellent article and for allowing us to share it with you. We have long been engaged in a battle of ideas to support and defend American ideals that have ensured our Liberty and made our country great. We’ve just never seen such a brazen display of organized and orchestrated resistance to a duly elected President and seething hostility to anyone who supports his agenda. The “Resist” movement or whatever they choose to call it is not a winning strategy. It is not a movement to benefit and empower the people…it is a movement to benefit and empower the state.

By Joseph D. Leatherwood, San Antonio, TX

We are in the midst of a governmental and constitutional crisis, and the outcome of this crisis is not going to end well.  It will not end well for someone or members of some group, but it will not be DJT or his supporters. 

The establishment—defined loosely as: 

  • the socialist party (aka democrats),
  • the deep state bureaucracy, 
  • the propaganda-based media (Reich ministry of propaganda and enlightenment),
  • crony socialists/capitalists, 
  • assorted globalists / mercantilists/ internationalists and
  • turn coat “republicans / conservatives”—

and their supporters are in for a real surprise.

The American people are basically a people of fair play and good will, but what they are witnessing is: 

(1) a brutal, unrelenting attack on an individual – DJT – and by extension his supporters; 

(2) a purposeful effort within the political establishment to stymie (deny) that individual’s rights and agenda and, at the same time,  

(3) using the instrumentalities of the government to effect a coup d’etat through the “intelligence agencies.” 

This is why our nation is embroiled in a crisis of government, a crisis in governance and, de facto, a constitutional crisis. We are here for no other reason than elements of the government and its purveyors (statists) believe they can successfully bully a duly elected president and his movement into capitulation and submission. 

The same mechanisms and assets used by our government, yes the United States of America, to overthrow foreign governments around the world are now being turned against a duly elected president of the United States. The deep state bureaucracy is engaged in a despicable campaign of leaks and other actions to undermine and bring down (overthrow) a duly elected president.   

For their part, the propaganda based media are engaged in a classic Alinskyite operation. It is their job in this campaign to target the subject—DJT and his movement, isolate the subject, try their best to smear and degrade the subject and then annihilate the subject. The purpose is to turn public sentiment against a duly elected president, his movement and its agenda. 

To supplement these actions, the socialist party and its minions (George Soros) have attempted to use political and violent intimidation to reinforce the overall campaign strategy. They organize “protest” and “demonstrations” to try and present a perception of popular unrest.   

For example, the “antifa” is supposed to be a “popular front” to portray widespread dissatisfaction and discontent among the American people. But the “antifa” is little more than a clearinghouse (collection of) for socialist auxiliaries: the John Brown militia, Black Lives Matter, the Black Panther Party, the New Black Panther Party, La Raza and the Ku Klux Klan, all used and employed to inflame hate, division and intimidation. 

Add to these tactical actions, the republican establishment (the Fabian socialist rinos – Bushes) and so-called conservatives (the McConnell- Ryan do-nothings) are sitting on their hands as DJT, his voters and supporters and agenda are vilified and smeared daily. This is pure cowardice in the face of attack, failing to stand and take actions for those who enabled their power; it is a clear dereliction of duty tacitly assisting those who seek to overthrow this government. Nonaction is taking action on behalf of the opposition. 


This gang is taking these actions primarily because they are being deprived of power, perks and access to the State. They cannot tolerate someone from outside the establishment to come in and truly reform government and rein in its power.

These are people of plunder. Consider this gang is accustomed to getting its way, they have basically run (or accessed) the government unopposed for the past 28 years (in reality much longer) under varying socialists-of-the-chair.   

These are people who have passed laws and regulations to justify, cover and enable their plunder (and lawlessness) of the nation and the taxpayers. They have reconfigured the law to justify and glorify their new world moral code (cultural destruction). That is why these gangsters are so bent on opposing DJT, his movement and policies because he, his movement and agenda are designed to roll back their perks, access, policies and power. 

What is becoming readily apparent is the State (that would be elements of the United States government) has become a power and entity unto itself and is the force (power) attempting this coup to protect itself and its benefactors and its agenda. 

Stated plainly, the State does not want anything or anyone outside of its masters—the gang of oligarchs cited above—telling it what it should be doing. The State and its allies seek to maintain power, and both are pursuing whatever means to achieve their end. The United States government and its allies (the State) have become a rogue State—or elements thereof.  

These gangsters do not like the idea they were beaten in November 2016 ,and they are not accepting it as this nation has historically. These oligarchs have abandoned all protocols for a peaceful transition of power and obedience to the tenets of a constitutional republic.   

What we are watching and experiencing is unprecedented and, quite frankly, anti-American; and the entity carrying out this attempted coup is the State and its allies (establishmentarians). Their actions and rhetoric expose them for what they truly are, traitors to the very ideals of the United States of America. They have abandoned those ideals for their own selfish (socialist) ends.  The nation and its people no longer matter to the oligarchs. 

They are becoming more unpopular with each passing day, and they are shocked their campaign of destruction and deception has not accomplished its objective—turning the American people against DJT.  From the onset, they believed they could manipulate the American people. But to their great surprise the people have not abandoned DJT and for one simple reason—they voted for him to do exactly what he is doing and do what needs to be done in Washington DC—fight these people and take back our government.   

We no longer have a government “of, for and by” the people, we have a government (State) “of, for and by” itself and those who benefit from (live off) it.  

The establishment does not understand the precarious position they are placing themselves; the position they have placed the government; and the position the people are taking. They—the oligarchs—are slowly and surely isolating themselves with each action and lie.   

The collaborators in this affair are placing themselves squarely in the category of treason. They are:  

(1) subverting a duly elected government (representatives);  

(2) using the instrumentalities of that government to deny that representation; and 

(3) seeking to overthrow those duly elected representatives and the government they have formed.   

Elements within the State and its allies are attempting something unheard of in the history of this republic. That is, they are attempting a coup in order to establish the supremacy of the State over the constitution and We the People.  

In their perceived “wisdom,” this gang would rather destroy the nation, shred constitutional government, ignore history and basically subjugate the people to socialist (statist) rule than accept the will of the American people. 

What we are experiencing is a battle between the State (under the control of a rogue oligarchy) versus the people and our republic: the status quo versus the people and the constitution, the imposition of socialism versus liberty, and what the traitors  seek is the triumph of statism over freedom. 

These socialists are becoming more and more unpopular. Growing numbers of Americans are simply fed up with the government, the rhetoric employed to justify its fraudulent and nefarious actions and its actions to undermine the electoral process. If we as a nation are truly looking for the forces interfering with the electoral process, we need only look at the rhetoric and the actions of this reactionary faction. 

Under the governance of these reactionaries the government has drifted so far from its founding principles and powers, that the moorings have busted. The ship of State, under the varying socialists-of-the-chair, has been set adrift after many years of malgovernance by these socialists. Because someone calls for a restoration of those principles and a limit to those powers, like DJT or his supporters, the socialists paranoidly react by condemning such rhetoric and actions as hate filled and uninformed.  

The one movement standing in opposition to this unfolding travesty is the same tea party movement that sprang into action in late 2008 opposing the turncoat GWB and the State power he imposed over the government, economy and the nation. The movement’s progression will continue and, in the end, it will be the people of the United States who will prevail—triumph—thanks in large part to DJT and the Tea Party. It is the same movement that founded this nation in 1776. It is the same movement that will start the restoration and healing process for this nation and insure its future. 

Make no mistake, this is a revolution to take back a government that rightfully belongs to the people—not to statists, socialists, corporatists and internationalists… 

 Article published with the author’s permission.

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2 Responses to "Guest Editorial: The War We Are In…."

  1. Joseph Leatherwood  June 28, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    If good compromises with evil, evil wins. Socialism (or statism) is an evil force – virus – infecting mankind. It is buikt on coercion, deception and manipulation. It is a corrupt ideology built on a totalitarian foundation of control, controlling all human actions through political means. It purveyors seek one thing, the acquisition, maintenance, consolidation and extension of its political power ..,

  2. Don Stephens  June 28, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    WE THE PEOPLE want Obamacare repealed 100% and we do not want it replaced with anything else–just repeal it and walk away proud. Question: If we were able to get rid of “The Devil” –would we want to replace him with another evil monster? Obamacare is “the devil” –so do not replace it with something just as evil.

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