Happy Fourth of July!

By J. Allen Tharp

Happy Fourth of July!

I expect to be working on the federal holiday for Independence Day, although my friends in government will be sitting at home barbecuing and getting paid by me. I suppose that should make me feel like celebrating, but for some reason I just can’t get too excited about the whole deal.

Every time a federal holiday comes around, I greet it with mixed emotions. On one hand, if the government is not at work they can’t do us any new harm or create any more wasteful spending programs. After some inexplicable rulings by the high court over the last week, knowing that the government will be shut down and unable to implement any more illegal legislation by the Supreme Court or Executive branch seems like a good thing. I mean–now that we have three legislative branches of the federal government rather than one–we need some time off from all that legislating.

On the other hand, I find it vexing that government employees are paid to take off work yet again, while most of us go to work as usual. It makes no sense to me that we are to celebrate holidays by paying government employees and bankers to take a paid vacation from work. Paid leave for government employees adds not one whit of festivity for the rest of us. Most of us can commemorate a person or event and still go to work. The notion that commemorating any event or persons should be done by “not working” must have been the brainchild of a government employee.

Some holidays have special meaning for me like July 4, while others have no meaning whatsoever, like Columbus Day. And President’s Day? We’ve had more bad presidents than we’ve had good. So I see no need to celebrate this day by pampering “pampered” federal employees.

I also never understood MLK Day. I mean there is no Audie Murphy Day or 911 First Responders’ Day or Chris Kyle Day. So why MLK Day?

And Labor Day? You’d think if we were going to work on any holiday, it would be Labor Day. But the celebration is not really for labor anyway. It is for the unions, which I have no reason to celebrate.

Aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’d love to see all other federal holidays become regular work days or be unpaid federal holidays. Yet I know that in a country where Congress exempts themselves from the harmful impact of Obamacare while foisting it on everyone else, it may seem like a pipe dream to expect government employees to actually work for their pay like the rest of us.



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  1. LT  July 4, 2015 at 11:16 am

    We know the vote was stolen I moved here from ca I was part of the group that removed gray Davis out of office. I see more sheeplo .here like ca when in a sane person mind a two party system works were going down the same road it’s more of a joke look how easy they can hijack the tea party. Republicans do nothing the pay here does not even match the cost of living I’m a tradesman I will re certify and make a great living to start a business I want nothing for free but the color of skin matters here not to me but this state uses people like a commodity hard times are coming some say revolution but how many of you are going to see me as the enemy by my looks from a distance with out waiting for me to get up close I’m a vet I come from a family of Veterans. You see without unity there will never be victory for nothing. They divide and conquer they are winning .it’s seems that the masses don’t want to know the truth god is our guide not people that’s why this country was blessed our country what do you think the war on drugs is doing to Mexico.its pushing every one north.you dummy you are the sheeplo.lets stop the stupidity feds are getting caught stealing running drugs and guns in and out its pathetic our president killed our food supply from Mexico my relatives sold to China they have been supplying america with. Good non GM food for generations but you people think nothing good comes from Mexico remember this in real history 66%.of this country was mexico it was better off with us but don’t forget how we got it.dummys don’t make enemy s of your neighbors. I seen the food supply get cut off first hand .look at the prices Obama and the Chicago mercantile made enemies of our food supply from Mexico they drove their price soo low that everything was left on the plants and it rated the way our American Heart s have with greed we have had a soft coup before I was born now if some one in texas tea party as any sense and knows someone that would like to fix this and broker a deal to constitute a fair price on our food supply find me before it’s too late. We will feel this.

  2. Alfred Cordes  June 30, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    The almost perfect crime of the 2012 election.
    Republicans were understandably shocked when President Obama won every swing state save NC in the 2012 election in spite of the ACA, the soaring Debt and the treachery at Ben Ghazi. Even the president was rather skeptical about the results (reminded me of the OJ case where they had to convince OJ that the jury had found him innocent).
    As a long time computer programmer, I have always been concerned about the validity of the digital voting machines. When the Philadelphia results of all 176,000 votes going to the president were broadcast later that night, my suspicions were aroused. Of course, the press immediately waded in and said that only 2 Republican voters were registered in this area and one had moved away and the other was really a Democrat. In conclusion, the press said that “Romney was hated by all the voters and they would not have voted for him” so get over it. And they moved on.
    When Rush Limbaugh announced, “If you Republicans had voted for Romney like you did for McCain in 2008, Romney would have won the election. “ Romney received 5 million fewer votes than McCain. This made no sense to me at all. All the Republicans I knew were mad as hell and could not wait to vote.
    It is widely known the Diebold voting machines use the technique of deleting all personal information from each voting record stored to maintain the privacy of each voter. While this protects the voter, this safeguard does not protect the election results. Given access to the Diebold system, a computer programmer can switch votes without a trace.
    I used Google to find 2 interesting articles by the Huffington Post written prior to the 2012 elections. The first article explained how a programmer given access to the Diebold system could switch votes without a trace. The second article explained how a low cost electronic device inserted into these Diebold voting machines would provide remote access to a programmer. (This allows switching after the polls are closed. Isn’t that great?)
    Then, it became rather obvious that Philadelphia was the tip of the vote switching iceberg. Obviously, the programmer made an error when he switched votes without checking if Romney’s votes would go to zero. A zero count is an improbable scenario at best, but almost statistically impossible in all 57 precincts. After reading the Huffington Post articles, I could understand why the press rushed into Philadelphia to quell any suggestions of dishonesty.
    I submit someone in your organization get Fox News to investigate the Philadelphia results and the track down the remote devices inserted into the Democratic precinct machines that caused this vote switching fraud. The Republican Party apparently is digitally challenged and will not hear of it.
    Here is a suggestion to prevent this from happening in the future. Since almost everyone has a cell phone, the Republican Party should develop an APP to record a voter’s choices while in the poll booth. Then store them in a QR code to be sent to the Republican headquarters for an indelible record of Republican votes. This would provide a private audit trail so Republican votes could not be switched without detection.

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