I am not Surprised at the Democrats’ Dirty Tricks and Attempts to Mislead America

As the indisputably most politically educated and active segment of the electorate, it is incumbent on the Tea Party to constantly refocus the conversation from the inane to the serious. The future depends on it.

I am not Surprised at the Democrats’ Dirty Tricks and Attempts to Mislead America
By J. Allen Tharp

    By J. Allen Tharp

Opposition research to dig up dirt on political opponents is nothing new, and both sides use it to defeat their opponents. In fact, vetting candidates is a good thing because it can reveal things about them that the public should know, such as past or present associations with criminal elements, affiliation with the Communist or Socialist party, or affiliation with terrorists that wish to take down America. You might even find that a candidate has colluded with enemies of America by selling our uranium supplies for personal gain, through the vetting process.

This opposition research can be quite extensive for high-profile races. For example, Democratic operatives created and collected enough ammunition on the top three GOP presidential candidates to fill three novel-length books:

Rubio: 431-page research book
Cruz: 201 page research book
Trump: 157 page research book

Whichever eventual candidate wins the party’s nomination, the other party spends months getting prepared to roll out all the skeletons and perceived skeletons they can find in their opponent’s closet. The problem is that if they can’t turn up enough damaging evidence to discredit the opposing candidates, then party operatives often simply create strawmen and smoke screens to divert, distract, and confuse voters. These smear campaigns far too often are totally untethered from the truth or elevate the most trivial words and deeds to somehow be worthy of national outrage. Of course, the news media can always be counted on to plaster ridiculous and unfounded allegations against conservatives across every TV screen, newspaper, and magazine. Thus, the national conversation then becomes about the absurd and trivial rather than the real, crucial issues facing our nation.

When Mitt Romney ran as a candidate for president, stories about him driving with a dog on top of his car became national news for weeks. Theatrics and feigned outrage were ubiquitous. Oh, the shame! “How could Romney be so cruel to animals?” “He must be a horrible, mean person.” “This was an attack on animals everywhere.” Of course, no one had ever before or since accused Romney of cruelty to animals or people. So the absurd story finally evaporated into thin air never to be heard of again.

Then there was the other unfounded story that Romney had cut the hair of a fellow high school student 50 years ago, who may or may not have been gay. “This was an attack on gays everywhere.” Oh, the horror! “Romney must surely be antigay and homophobic.” Again, no such allegations had been made before or since because it was all total nonsense, but it was covered incessantly on the news for weeks.

There were even bizarre and unfounded stories that Romney had killed someone by closing one of his businesses. “This was an attack on workers everywhere.” Oh, the horror! Oh, the humanity! Oh, the theatrics! This nonsense too went up in smoke never to be heard of again.

The reality was that Romney, although not a conservative candidate, was a kind, decent, considerate man who didn’t have an evil or cruel bone in his body. But the liberals accomplished their purpose and distracted the voters from the things that really mattered. The national conversation was shifted away from the national debt, high taxes, and the job-killing Obamacare program and other punitive regulations.

Now we’re seeing the same diversionary tactics used in this election. We have run up more national debt than any other nation in the history of the world. The Federal Reserve is destroying the value of the US dollar. Obamacare is increasing premiums and deductibles, running up the debt even higher, raising taxes on already strapped Americans, killing jobs, and closing businesses. The DOL is destroying the relationship between employer and employee. Radical Islamist terrorists threaten America. Our nation is committing national suicide, but there is no time to discuss those matters. The media is too busy talking about Donald Trump being a misogynist and a racist.

Trump’s comments that Rosie O’Donnell is fat and disgusting were portrayed as an attack on women everywhere. It didn’t matter that his comments were true and specifically toward her and not all of womankind.

His accurate comments that Mexico was facilitating the illegal border crossing of thousands of the worst they had to offer, including rapists, drug dealers, and indigents that will burden the American taxpayer and run up more debt were twisted, so that he was portrayed as being against all Mexican-Americans everywhere. This false narrative has been repeated ad nauseum for months, although everyone knows that rapists and drug dealers can and do indeed sneak across the porous border into our country. Mexico is not facilitating the illegal crossing of their doctors, scientists, and successful business owners.

All this too will go up in smoke, but meanwhile America is led aimlessly down meandering paths, with the focus on whatever shiny things the media has for us that day.

The national Review said, “It also remains a curious artifact of this election that many conservatives are outraged far more by Trump’s obnoxiousness, crudity, and rhetorical excesses than they are by Hillary’s concrete record of premeditated criminality and habitual prevarication — especially given the likelihood that on illegal immigration,
Defense spending, Obamacare, abortion, the debt, taxes, and regulation, Trump’s published agenda is the far more conservative.”

I am not surprised at the Democrats’ dirty tricks and attempts to mislead America into voting for Obama II in a pantsuit. What surprises me is the number of Republicans who not only take the bait hook, line, and sinker—but also help sell the false narrative that Trump’s crude manners and speech are somehow worse than espionage and the certain destruction of our Republic.

As the indisputably most politically educated and active segment of the electorate, it is incumbent on the Tea Party to constantly refocus the conversation from the inane to the serious. The future depends on it.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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