I Want Good Moderators, Good Questions, and Thorough Follow-up

If the NRCC would get some backbone and install true conservatives in this process, we would not only see much more instructive debates, but even the results of the elections could be affected.

I Want Good Moderators, Good Questions, and Thorough Follow-up
By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

The 2016 presidential debates are over, and just as in previous debates I find myself wanting more. I don’t want more of the lies, pandering, and deflection. And I am not wanting more of the silly “gotcha” questions. But what I want more of is good moderators, good questions, and thorough follow up.

Each election cycle, the GOP inexplicably hands over the debates to moderators who are registered Democrats. Yes, Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat too. The Democrats never agree to accept a majority of conservative moderators. Indeed, it is rare to even get one true conservative moderator for these events. But over and over, the GOP accepts a plethora of liberals as moderators. Both of the last two NRCC RINO chairs, Michael Steele and Reince Priebus, are both to blame for this because neither of them demanded at least 50 percent of the moderators be conservative.

Imagine how different the debates would be if we had moderators like Mark Levin or Andrew Wilkow. Or what if the moderators were Tea Party presidents from various local Tea Parties? Or what if the moderators were from Heritage, Tea Party Patriots, or Freedom Works? Then you would get questions like:

• What roles do you believe the Federal Government should not play?
• Name five things the Federal Government is doing that are prohibited by the Constitution, and tell us how you would stop it.
• Which Federal agencies, departments, or programs would you abolish?
• What will you do about the impending bankruptcy of programs like Social Security and Medicare?
• What other steps will you take to eliminate the six hundred billion deficits and start paying off the national debt?
• What will you do to stop the politicization of agencies like the IRS and their use as weapons against conservative citizens and organizations that are perceived as political enemies by the state?
• What will you do about returning the millions of acres of land that the Federal Government has wrongfully taken from the states?
• What will you do about the many vacant federal buildings that are unused and costing tax payers millions every year?
• DOL regulations are killing businesses and jobs. Specifically which DOL regulations would you roll back, and would the DOL be on your list of agencies to abolish?
• Same question for the EPA.
• Obviously tax-funded presidential perks like lavish vacations, travel for spouses and other unelected family members and friends, and ridiculously expensive parties at the White House have gotten completely out of hand and are now costing the taxpayers an inordinate amount of money. Some estimates are that the Office of the President now costs the nation $7 billion. What will you do to put an end to this abuse of the office of President once and for all?
• Will you put an end to elected officials becoming lobbyists?
• Does the Constitution empower the Federal Government to mandate how much an employer pays an employee or how that pay will be constituted? If yes, specifically which article and section of the Constitution provides this power to the Federal Government?
• While presidents are not involved in the process to amend the Constitution, they can certainly use their office as a “bully pulpit” to sell their ideas to the Congress and the states. Would you use your position to try to influence Congress and the states to pass Constitutional amendments for a balanced budget, term limits, state override of bad legislation, state override of bad judicial decisions, state override of bad regulations from the Executive branch, or limiting the Commerce clause to its intended purpose?

If the NRCC would get some backbone and install true conservatives in this process, we would not only see much more instructive debates, but even the results of the elections could be affected.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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2 Responses to "I Want Good Moderators, Good Questions, and Thorough Follow-up"

  1. Jerry Adams  October 28, 2016 at 9:54 am

    Alan, it’s not hard to figure out that most, if not all of the “Leaders” of the Republican Party are really DemocRAT lite aka RINO’s. Nationally, There is really only ONE party with two wings, the hardcore socialists on the left wing and the soft core socialist on the right wing.

    Case in point, Paul Ryan on the national level and Joe Straus on the State level.

    Check this out:


    Jerry Adams

  2. Barbara S Mueller .  October 26, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Great questions.

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