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Jan 27, 2015
January is almost over already!  The Texas Legislature is in its 84th session and opportunities for us to be heard in Austin on a variety of subjects abound.  One of our own, Steve Baysinger, has been selected for Lt Gov Dan Patrick’s Grassroots Advisory Board, so congratulate Steve next chance you get.
Look for an announcement about  our next General meeting, Saturday Feb 7 at the Lion & Rose Park North, Loop 410 and Blanco.  Wade Miller, the South Central Director for Heritage Action and Dustin Matocha, Executive Director  for Empower Texans will enlighten us on their plans and strategies for 2015 and the future.  You won’t want to miss this and learn how you can make a difference on the national and state levels.
February is going to be a busy month from start to finish.  The Runoff for the Special Elections in Senate District 26 and House District 123 was called by Governor Abbott to be held on Tuesday, February 17th.  Be sure to vote if you are in either district.
Americans for Prosperity are organizing a trip to Austin on Feb 20.  “Our Day at the Capitol” will feature illustrious speakers from our new state leadership, practical activist training and scheduled meetings with your own Senator and Representative.  Free bus transportation from their office here and back on that day will be available.  Sign up at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/day-at-the-texas-state-capitol-tickets-14975890291
True the Vote’s Erin Anderson, Director of Voter Engagement, will be here on Feb 26 at the True NORTH meeting to show us how we can be involved with TTV’s election integrity program.  For more details about the program and Ms Anderson, go to Upcoming Events » True the Vote Presentation: Erin Anderson, Director, Voter Engagement » San Antonio Tea Party
We have added a new Neighborhood Group to the SATP, the Alamo Patriots, with Doug Richter as its leader.  They’re already off and running, taking part in our many activities.  So there is plenty going on in and around San Antonio.  We would love to have your support and engagement as well.  Thanks for everything you are doing for the cause of Freedom!
Yours in Liberty,
Tom Shumaker
VP, Communication
Jan 26, 2015
You see it everywhere, at family dinners with Liberal relatives, at work, in the media and on Facebook, Twitter and other social media: the Liberal mind frustrates us because it is not subject to logic, information or thought. All it takes is a willing suspension of disbelief and an unwillingness to change one’s mind when facing truths that don’t compute with one’s worldview.
The Convention of States movement has picked up steam in the New Year, with 11 states now taking legislative action to make an application for a convention under Article V of the Constitution. Mark Meckler, who recently took part in a panel at the Texas Policy Foundation’s meeting in Austin, has a more positive take on its chances for success.
The Grand Old Party has control of both Houses of Congress for the next two years, so why do its leaders still resent the Tea Party? Speaker of the House John Boehner went on 60 Minutes Sunday and took the opportunity to disparage us yet again. Mr Speaker, with all due respect, if the GOP was doing its job and living up to its own principles in practice, not just in campaigning, there would not be a Tea Party!
Positive, optimistic and forward thinking abounds in the Conservative movement, with hardworking Americans coming up with solution after solution to take our country back. Dr. Timothy Daughtry offers a way to parlay the mandate of November’s elections into a new attitude politically for all of us.  See http://tinyurl.com/oechw3x for more detail.
Jan 20, 2015
Last summer the San Antonio Tea Party was represented by Bob and Linda Nulton at a Texas grassroots conference in Clear Lake which resulted in a Texas Border Crisis Action Plan. CLICK HERE for more information. The SATP signed on to the plan in August. It was presented by the grassroots organizers to the Governor, Lt Governor and Speaker of the House, which led to beefing up border security using the Texas National Guard.

Part of that plan was to use a Constitutional approach to employ the use of Interstate Compacts to address Illegal Immigration and Border Security at the state government level. We have been asked to endorse this approach (which includes Congressional approval, but which will not involve the President), as provided in the Constitution, Article I, Section 10. CLICK HERE for details and a White Paper on the subject.

With a Republican-controlled House and Senate now and no veto action to oppose them, the time is right to employ this solution in response to the President’s June, 2012 expansion of Dependent Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and his Executive action on immigration announced in November. The organization Grassroots America – We The People is presenting this Citizens’ White Paper to concerned state and federal government officials as a way to utilize a common constitutional tool to break through the partisan gridlock of divided federal government. All that is required is for Republican lawmakers to act.

The SATP has signed on to this approach. You can help by contacting your state and Federal representatives and Senators and recommending that they get on board and support it too. As legislation is introduced, we can let you know specific bill numbers and sponsors.
Yours in Liberty,
Tom Shumaker
VP, Communication
January 19, 2015
 We would love to have a forward thinking President who gets the concept of economic freedom.  The Keystone XL Pipeline would bring jobs and prosperity to hundreds of thousands of workers, allowing them to pursue their American Dream.   A thoughtful President would lead us all back to prosperity by approving it.
When personal freedoms are denied anywhere, it impacts us here.  When we are enlightened and free to follow our religious beliefs, expressing them through freedom of speech, we are stronger as a people.  When we are protecting these rights, we empower ourselves and preserve our Republic.
The electorate spoke clearly in November.  They want less Federal control and regulations.  We want to empower the States to be more in control of our lives than the Federal government.  The peoples’ vision of a debt-free future is a positive one, and more Federal taxes on gasoline do not fit.
When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  We see happiness as something everyone can attain without workers paying for their own benefits.  More than 91% of employers already offer the kind of benefit being proposed, without employers covering the cost by lowering wages.  We’re optimistic that we will do just fine without another unfunded Federal mandate.
 January 13, 2015
Today the 84th session of the Texas Legislature opens in Austin, with maybe a new Speaker of the House and the excitement that brings for Conservatives.  Even if there is no change, the needle has moved more to our side of the agenda.  Our movement will definitely benefit with Lt Gov Dan Patrick presiding over the Texas Senate!
This is not the end of our journey, but a beginning.  Much work remains in the next six months the Leg is in session, the next year, the next two years and the next ten years if we are going to not only keep Texas red but influence the nation through our leadership.
One of the SATP’s strategic goals for 2015 is to get the Texas Legislature to pass a bill for its application to Congress for a Convention of States.  Last week 34 of our supporters  http://tinyurl.com/m4hs3az rode to Austin together to hear Mark Meckler of the CoS Project and take part in a Texas Public Policy Foundation forum on Article V and its possibilities.  We need to encourage and insist that our representatives and senators get on board and move this forward.  Go to http://tinyurl.com/q8wutct to urge them on and sign up for more information.
On the national level, there are always opportunities.  The Speaker of the House in Congress was challenged and won his position back, for now.  The challengers who stood up for our principles deserve support and encouragement.  Thank them whenever you can.  CLICK HERE http://tinyurl.com/n22zjoe  for a list of the 25 Republicans who did not vote for the current speaker.
Just two days remain until the Jan 15th deadline to comment on the Federal Election Commission’s proposals to throttle free speech on the Internet.  Leave comments on the FEC comments page opposing their proposed rule changes HERE  http://tinyurl.com/nzd4uu4 . See an explanation of these proposed rule changes HERE: http://tinyurl.com/myz97mn
Those are just a few of the things you can help with and there will be more this year and beyond.  Thank you for all you do.  Keep up the good work informing and unifying those in your sphere of influence, enabling us all to preserve Freedom in America.
Yours in Liberty,
Tom Shumaker
VP, Communication


January 12, 2015

Almost twenty of our SATP supporters were at the Tea Party Patriots’ “Texas Our Texas” advanced training conference over the weekend. We were privileged to have Texas Congressman Rep. Louie Gohmert as the keynote speaker. Media coverage from Raging Elephant Radio and Breitbart.com helped spread the word.


Immigration policy coming out of the Republican Congress ought to follow the rule of law, preserve our sovereignty and empower the American worker to pursue the American Dream. We should be imagining our grandchildren’s America as we move to address the future and return common sense to our common borders.


Our country was founded on the principle that the citizens are in charge, not the government. The government exists to serve us and provide some big ticket items like national defense and to conduct foreign policy but otherwise to leave us alone to live in our own States. No Founder intended for it to be providing stuff, regulating lives and dictating that we have to buy health insurance, or anything else. We can and have taken care of ourselves, at least until the last one hundred years. Coddling citizens does not allow them to live free and grow in their personal and economic freedom.


The story of the Liberty Tree is a great analogy to what the Federal Election Commission is attempting to do in the present to stifle free speech on the Internet and, like the IRS, intimidate us and silence critics of the Administration. Citizen comments are needed on the FEC’s website to turn back this attempt by Jan 15th. Freedom Works and the Tea Party Patriots have portals on their web pages for those who want to comment to access the FEC site.

 January 10, 2015

Nineteen of us traveled to Houston this weekend for the “Texas Our Texas” advanced training program put on by the Tea Party Patriots and its Texas state coordinators.  Representing the San Antonio Tea Party were Allen and Elena Tharp, Viviano Rodriguez, Cindy and Ron Guzowski, Jeanie Spence, Sal Apicelli, Doug Richter, George and Audrey Howard, Jeanette Rhodes, Denny Kalk, Richard Owen, Ron and Melissa Blevins and Brian and Eileen Jasso.  The one-day seminar at the Marriott West Loop included topics such as Using the Language of Liberty, some media training, conducting a ground game, fundraising for grassroots groups, canvassing, citizen lobbying and a presentation on exercising your civic authority.  The resulting knowledge will help the SATP as we move forward into our 2015 Strategic Plan.
 January 8, 2015
Allen and Elena Tharp led 35 Patriots from the San Antonio Tea Party to Austin last Thursday for the Texas Public Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature’s 2015 session.  We went up to watch and hear Mark Meckler of the Convention of States project take part in a panel on Constitutional Firewalls: An Article V Convention of States at the TPPF’s three-day meeting.  Allen provided transportation for the group on the Lion & Rose bus to the meeting and back.  Making the trip and taking in the panel discussion were Hernando Arce, Bill Bailey, Melissa and Ron Blevins, Ron Diggs, Loretta Ehrlund, Armon and Venice Grantham, Cindy Guzowski, George and Audrey Howard, Mary Johnson, Mary Jones, Toni Lozano, Vic Cuppetilli, Sherry Hauner, Denny Kalk, Don Kirchoff, Francine Maness, Gary Mansch, Nathan Morgan, Joyce Peterson, Jeanette Rhodes, Viviano Rodriguez, Jeanie Spence, Anne Taylor, John Thurman, Paula Villagran, Bev Adams, Jay Pullin and Doug Richter.  Karen Lugo, Director of the Center for Tenth Amendment Action, moderated the panel of four experts in their discussion of a Convention of States under Article V of the U.S. Constitution and the question and answer session in which some of our members participated.
January 6, 2015
If you are a  voter in State Senate District 26 and/or State House District 123, we hope you have already voted in the Special Election today. You still have time to get to the polls (they close at 7 pm) if you have not voted early or earlier in the day. We need to have Conservatives in as many offices as we can. Thank you for doing your civic duty.
Speaking of civic duty, the City of San Antonio is holding the second public hearing on Wednesday on proposed City Charter revisions. Due to the lack of publicity for this hearing, one would think they do not want public comment.
There is probably good reason that the public announcement of this “review” is so low key. Look at what was on the Decemer 18th meeting agenda (click here) and see if you can figure out why it appears they’re not actively seeking much public comment.
The media have not been playing watchdog on this one, as they would if there was something on the agenda like banning abortions anywhere in the city limits, making open carry optional in San Antonio, or removing unwanted “smart meters” from homes where they have already been installed.
More than a few good men and women are needed to make their way to City Hall on Wednesday to observe, comment, and object to this stealthy way of conducting “public hearings.” If you can be there, please go and at least let them know we are watching.


Yours in Liberty,


Tom Shumaker


VP of Communication

January 5, 2015
With the 84th Texas Legislature ready to convene next week, some Texas lawmakers want to tell the Feds where to go. A step in the right direction. A better one would be to get behind the Article V Convention of States (CoS) application process. If you’d like to hear a national leader speak on this subject, join us in Austin this Thursday.
CLICK HERE to learn how you can join us in Austin on Jan. 8 to hear a CoS presentation by Mark Meckler, President, Citizens for Self Governance.


 CLICK HERE for the Convention of States website.


Rep Louie Gohmert of Texas [announced on Sunday] he’d run for Speaker of the House to give voters a real choice between the status quo and what they voted overwhelmingly for in November. Congressman Gohmert will be the keynote speaker this weekend at the Tea Party Patriots “Texas, Our Texas” Advanced Training Conference in Houston. (Click Here for agenda and registration information.)



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