We Met With Senator Cornyn’s Regional Director

We Met With Senator Cornyn’s Regional Director

We Say: SATP hosted a luncheon meeting Friday, January 27, 2017, with Jonathan Huhn, Regional Director for Senator John Cornyn. We showed up with a long list of issues where conservative votes need to prevail as soon as possible. Mr. Don Kirchoff compiled an excellent list (below).

Heritage Action Scorecard for the full 114 Session of Congress (2015-2016) shows Senator John Cornyn with a bottom-of-the-barrel score of 47% while Senator Ted Cruz has a conservative score of 97%. This disparity causes Texas to have a null effect on most Senate Conservative bills. See the  excellent article by Allen Tharp, “Does Texas Have an Impact in the Senate?”

Needless to say, it would have taken much longer than our hour-long meeting to cover in full, but Mr. Huhn expects another meeting to continue addressing our concerns. He supplied us with this video (Click Here) of Senators Cruz and Cornyn together at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Policy Orientation discussing current issues, and it’s true that in that setting there is agreement on almost every topic.



San Antonio Tea Party Meeting

Friday, January 27, 2017

Issues for discussion with Jonathan Huhn



  • Support FULL REPEAL OF OBAMACARE. Here are some reasons:
  • Major cost increases instead of promised reductions
  • Choice and competition have been suppressed (70% of US counties now have only one or two insurers)
  • Exchange enrolment is only 10.4 million compared to the 21 million projected
  • Exchange websites continue to fail; $5B for states, vast majority did not want or tried & failed; now only 11 states run their own exchanges
  • If you liked your plan, but the government didn’t, you couldn’t keep it
  • Co-op program has collapsed; 18 of 25 have closed at a cost of $1.9B
  • After only two years 11.8 million additional people were dumped into Medicaid
  • Exchanges have forced most of their patients into plans with fewer than 25% of their area’s physicians.

Congress should repeal Obamacare, clearing the way for healthcare that works for the American people.

  • After FULL REPEAL, then support replacement legislation that lowers costs, expands choice, and restores the traditional doctor-patient relationship, such as:
  • Improve and expand health savings accounts so patients have direct control of their own health care dollars and can pay for all medical services including insurance.
  • Remove barriers that stop patients from participating in direct primary care arrangements to increase patient choice.
  • Allow patients to buy health insurance across state lines and enact state-led medical tort reform to increase competition.
  • Equalize the tax treatment of health insurance to lower run-away health care spending and increase portability.
  • Transition Medicaid and Medicare into a premium support model and get the federal government out of the practice of price fixing.

Some GOP Senators have avoided advocating conservative legislation, because of Obama’s veto power. Voters have given the POTUS to the GOP and we now anticipate your aggressive, public advocacy and use of every tool available (including the two-speech rule to prevent Democrat filibusters) to advance the conservative agenda and pass conservative legislation.


  • Make certain that President Trump’s nominee for Anthony Scalia’s replacement is approved in a timely fashion.
  • Aggressively and publicly support a Trump initiative to reshape the federal courts for decades. Democrats re-wrote rules that only a majority vote was needed for confirmation of Presidential court nominees.

Now the Republicans have the majority in the Senate at a time when federal court vacancies that need to be filled by the incoming President number:

  • 17 Circuit Courts of Appeals
  • 86 District Courts
  • 6 Courts of Federal Claims
  • 2 Courts of International Trade
  • 1 Supreme Court

The lower courts hear about 55,000 cases/year, setting legal precedent and serving as a pipeline for judges considered for the Supreme Court. Only about 75 cases/year reach SCOTUS.


  • Rules & regulations have suppressed job growth. Aggressively and publicly take a leadership role, encouraging President Trump to:
  • End the crony capitalism Export-Import Bank
  • Stop government micromanagement of energy usage
  • Rescind the Waters of the United States (WOTS) rule
  • End Renewable Fuel Standard Program
  • Eliminate the Fiduciary Rule
  • Stop the Overtime Rule, currently contested in the courts

Excessive rulemaking by unelected bureaucrats costs the economy $2 trillion a year, slowing job creation, restricting access to capital, wasting countless hours of productivity, and crushing small businesses.

  • Aggressively and publicly take a leadership role and pass these bills when they reach the Senate:
  • Midnight Rules Relief Act (H.R. 21) enabling Congress to rescind multiple rules at a time and
  • Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act (H.R. 26) requiring Congress to approve all new regulations costing over $100 million.



Deeply disappointed in Mr. Cornyn’s “NO” vote on Senator Rand Paul’s bill, “Preventing Executive Overreach on Immigration Act” seeking to repeal President Obama’s executive order that delays deportation of five million immigrants. This bill had already passed in the House.

Do not believe that Mr. Cornyn has Texas interests in mind when his Heritage Action Score card is a failing 47% – below some Democrats and below the Senate Republican average of 56%.


BUSINESS #1:  Here at our business we saw our health insurance premium go up by twenty-seven and one-half percent in one year. 2015 and 2016. Crazy

BUSINESS #2:  Insurance at my business has increased 400% since Obamacare was implemented. We need to concentrate on full repeal of Obamacare prior to any thought of replace or reform.


SANCTUARY CITIES:  Aggressively and publicly support President Trump’s actions to ban all federal funding for sanctuary cities.

Currently, nearly 300 American cities refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and enforce U.S. immigration laws. They provide a safe haven within their jurisdictions for potentially violent illegal alien criminals – and the results have dire consequences for American citizens.

Until these cities begin enforcing the law and protecting the American people from illegal aliens, they should receive no federal funding whatsoever!

SYRIAN REFUGEES:  Aggressively and publicly support President Trump’s actions to halt Syrian refugee admissions indefinitely.

BORDER FENCE:  Aggressively and publicly support President Trump’s order to build a wall along the southern border.


The Senate version of the FY2017 Energy & Water Appropriations Bill falls short on all three budget evaluation criteria:

  1. Exceeds spending caps
  2. Funds bad programs
  3. Excludes conservative policy riders.

The House version being considered (H.R. 2018) raises spending by $355 million ABOVE FY 2016 and $261 million ABOVE OBAMA’S REQUESTS.

Considering the huge national debt, it would be the height of irresponsibility to give any consideration to such spending increases!

Please VOTE NO on the Energy & Water Appropriations Bill.


NOTE 1:  Please support Senator Lee’s amendment to DEFUND any implementation of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.

HUD is promoting a regulation designed to “give unelected, anonymous bureaucrats in Washington the power to pick and choose who your new next-door neighbor will be. If they don’t believe your neighborhood is “diverse” enough, they will seize control of local zoning decisions—choosing what should be built, where, and who should pay for it—in order to make your neighborhood look more like they want it to.”

Please DEFUND HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule. I can’t imagine a more egregious, unwanted federal intervention into the lives of US citizens and our communities.

What are Sen. Cornyn’s plans on the this issue?

NOTE 2:  HUD is promoting a regulation designed to “give unelected, anonymous bureaucrats in Washington the power to pick and choose who our new next-door neighbor will be. If HUD regulators don’t believe our neighborhood is “diverse” enough, they will seize control of local zoning decisions—choosing what should be built, where, and who should pay for it—in order to make our neighborhood look more like they want it to.”

We want to DEFUND HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule. We can’t imagine a more egregious, unwanted federal intervention into the lives of US citizens and our communities.

Please advise what steps you feel can be taking to defund this HUD rule.




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Don Kirchoff grew up on a farm in Wilson County and received a BS in mathematics from Texas Lutheran University and a MS in physics from University of North Texas. He worked in the oil & gas industry and founded a business brokering firm. He and his wife are politically active in The Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, and various TEA parties.

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  1. Al Smith  February 2, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Yes to total repeal of Obamacare. No to replacement. It is time to get the government out of our healthcare. Let market forces work and allow people to get the healthcare they can afford, not what the government provides in exchange for votes. Part D of Medicare is a classic example of what happens when government gets involved in our lives. Drug costs have gone up dramatically. Try checking drug cost in other countries.

    John Cornyn wants amnesty for all illegal aliens so don’t expect him to support any of Trump’s policies on illegals. He is another henchman for the Chamber of Commerce.

    Cornyn needs to be more supportive of those wanting major legislative overhaul of the Endangered Species Act.

    We need to replace John Cornyn in the US Senate.

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