Just Because Trump is In and Obama is Out Does Not Mean That the Left-Wing War on American History is Over

Just Because Trump is In and Obama is Out Does Not Mean That the Left-Wing War on American History is Over



By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

Last week, in the middle of the night, New Orleans Mayor Landrieu started tearing down valuable and irreplaceable historical monuments. They began with the Liberty Place monument and plan to also destroy the Robert E. Lee monument at Lee Circle, the Jefferson Davis statue, and a monument near City Park dedicated to P.G.T. Beauregard. This is being done although the vast majority of their population objects. Only 18% support the eradication of these monuments.

These misguided efforts to destroy historical monuments in New Orleans are a manifestation of the wider radical liberal activists’ attempt to prove that America is rotten to the core and has been from the start. The bulldozing of these historical monuments provides them the visible confirmation that American is, and has always been, deserving of total destruction.

They believe that by erasing America’s past and obliterating all parts of history that don’t fit their current ever-evolving political agenda, they can remake America and create a leftist, totalitarian state where conservatives and whites perform an endless walk of shame to make amends for all the perceived evil deeds perpetrated on the world by past generations. They believe that the “oppressors” must be punished and become the oppressed for justice to be served.

While radical leftists may have started with trying to destroy all relics and symbols related to the history of the confederacy, they quickly broadened their focus to all American history. They decided that we must also destroy any vestiges of our founding fathers too because they may have owned slaves or supported slave ownership.

The Obama administration ushered in this sad period in American history that will be looked back on with shame by future generations. It was the era of the liberal book burners who are bent on destroying every symbol they find offensive and obliterating the record of every historical event that didn’t meet with their personal approval. They believe that it is their prerogative to rewrite history and to change or erase it as they see fit.

Although the Confederate battle flag has been around for over a century and a half, after a mentally disturbed kid tragically killed nine black parishioners in 2015, Obama made sure that the Confederate flag and white racism absurdly became the locus of that controversy.  Suddenly a mere flag must not only be decried as an evil symbol of racism and oppression, but it must be removed, burned, and stricken from history and it had to be done posthaste, according to the liberal demagogues exploiting the catastrophe. Urgent action was demanded by the liberal demagogues and parroted by the ridiculous left-wing media. There was not one day to waste. The Confederate flag was suddenly and absurdly portrayed as a clear and present danger, although it had been around for well over 150 years and never harmed anyone. After all, as they have told us, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The flag obviously had nothing to do with this senseless act, and there was no white movement to kill our black brothers and sisters. But the liberal demagogue’s aim is division, so the liberal narrative ignored reality and pushed the false and hateful narrative that Dylan Roof represented white America. It didn’t matter to Obama that all of white America mourned with the grieving black families and were shocked and disgusted by what happened. It didn’t matter to him that blacks and whites came together after this tragedy, as whites comforted and mourned with the black families. It didn’t matter to him that white-on-black crime is extremely rare. What mattered to Obama was that he could exploit this tragedy and peddle hate and strife between the races.

Rather than allow the healing to continue, as blacks and whites came together to mourn the loss, the hate-peddling Obama did everything he could to separate the races and gin up as much ill will as possible.

It was not enough to remove the Confederate flag though. Every white person had to then express their disdain for the flag or they were to be declared racists. The Democrats were joined by weak-kneed Republicans like Nikki Haley, who rushed to jump on the bandwagon and show how they too had seen the light after all these years.

Then as the hate peddlers took us further down the slippery slope, we were told that we had to also remove the American flag and any other symbols they chose to target. The purge was on. They targeted history, monuments, statues, movies, books, street names, buildings, and on and on into absurdity. Everything from peanut butter sandwiches to paper bags were said to be racist.

They said Washington, D.C., had to be renamed because George Washington owned slaves. They push renaming all cities, streets, and buildings with the names Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Lee, Jackson, etc. They claimed that even the Constitution is racist. Obviously there is no end to their insanity.

They said that Alexander Hamilton must be removed from the $10 bill. Andrew Jackson must be removed from the $20 bill. Washington must be removed from the $1 bill. Mount McKinley had to be renamed by Obama. And even Confederate General, Nathan Bedford Forrest was to be dug up from his grave.

Under Obama, the FAA even said they planned to use our tax dollars to rename navigation points named after Donald Trump because he advocated closing our porous border, and somehow protecting the borders and sovereignty of the nation must be racist.

We’ve seen this hysteria too often before. Al-Qaida and ISIS destroyed ancient relics, writings, and antiquities of their enemies because they did not fit into their radical belief system.

Fidel Castro was infamous for making a big show of destroying any symbols of capitalism. In 1961 he gathered a chanting mob of communist sycophants around while he destroyed the American eagle on top of a Havana monument. If they could only have seen what a hellhole Cuba would turn out to be, rather than the Communist paradise he promised them, they might have been less vociferous in their support.

The Nazis were also notorious for purging opposing views, suppressing free speech, and for their book burnings. The Nazi German Student Association burned over 25,000 books in 1933 at one sitting.  Left-wing Nazi ideologues suppressed any ideals that did not mesh with their belief system and purged organizations that they felt were not in line with their Nazi goals. Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Enlightenment, helped the Nazis convince the populace that those who opposed the Nazis were degenerates that had no place in their enlightened society.

Cultural suppression and purging of icons has occurred many times since ancient times, as a method for the total destruction of an enemy. And make no mistake, liberals see us as the enemy.

We need to ardently oppose all misguided attempts to revise and rewrite American history, including the destruction of historical symbols. It should not happen on a local level, and it should not happen on a national level. Accommodating the hate mongers and fools only fans the flames and perpetuates the myth that America is racist and if we just remove this one more icon and burn just one more book, we can prove we are not racist and assuage the phony “white guilt” we are supposed to carry, according to liberals. It is time to understand that their goal line will always be moved and their hunger for destroying American culture and history can never be satiated. It is time to stop the idiotic slide down the slippery slope now.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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2 Responses to "Just Because Trump is In and Obama is Out Does Not Mean That the Left-Wing War on American History is Over"

  1. Becky Smith  May 3, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    Thanks Mr. Tharp, for keeping us informed about these sad things that are happening around the country. I am glad for the tea party movement helping me get involved in making this country a better, freer place for all.

  2. Bobbie Mueller  May 2, 2017 at 11:45 am

    There’s now a federal law stopping the move of a county courthouse because too many records were lost. Why dont we propose that a bill be written to make it a federal law that no historic monument be removed or replaced from its original location.

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