Legislative Alert as of 2Dec15


Please Contact Your Congressional Representatives on These Bills!


H.R. 3314 – Resettlement Accountability National Security Act

H.R. 4032 – States’ Right of Refugee Refusal


H.R. 5 – Student Access Act

H.R. 2971 – Highway Trust Fund (HTF)

CLICK HERE to find contact info for your Congressional representatives!

The two major bills we expect traction on by the end of the week are ESSA and HTF- we oppose both.

Student Success Act– is a re-authorization of No Child Left Behind. Contrary to what the establishment may try to sell us, it fails to accomplish serious conservative policy reforms and actually takes a step backward in some areas.

1. It doesn’t eliminate many elementary or secondary programs, but simply consolidates them and maintains federal spending

2. It doesn’t provide meaningful state opt-outs of federal programs or mandates

3. It doesn’t use block-grants to allow states to make education decisions free from federal interference.

HTF- The Highway Trust Fund bailout is another broken system that conservatives are seeking to eliminate. The fund was originally designed to build the national highway system – a project long since completed – and the gasoline tax used to finance the fund have risen from 4.3 cents to 18.3 cents per gallon. Since 2008, the fund has received over 70 billion in bailouts from the general fund, and its money is often diverted to other wasteful projects.

Conservatives have proposed the Transportation Empowerment Act as an alternative, which would keep the gas tax revenues in the states of origin and return responsibility over transportation infrastructure back to the states.

Could you reach out to Hurd, Smith, and others in your area, mobilizing the SATP on these votes? First, we’d like to know where they/their staff claim they will vote, and we’d like to indicate what conservative positions are regarding these votes.

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