Luke Skywalker Turns to Dark Side of Net Neutrality, and Ted Cruz STRIKES HIM DOWN!

Luke Skywalker Turns to Dark Side of Net Neutrality, and Ted Cruz STRIKES HIM DOWN!

We Say: Hero of Texas Ted Cruz is bored with DC battles. Now he steps up to right wrongs in a galaxy far, far away. The left coast.

After all, Twitter wars are cleaner, quicker, and much easier if your opponent is a denizen of the ‘Galaxy Hollyweird.’

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Play this while reading the tweets of the epic Net Neutrality battle between Liberty Jedi Ted Cruz and recently-turned-to-the-dark-side Mark Hamill.

It all began when Luke became a Sith Lord and began shilling for the totalitarian galactic empire:


Fearing the trade federation, he demanded the fascist state seize control of rebel communications in order to impose the will of the government.

Then arose a champion:      

He struck at the heart of Sith Lord Hamill, who could only muster a witless liberal strike from the bowels of Huffpo:


Truly he had joined the wretched hive of scum and villainy. But the TedNado struck back mightily with his lightsaber of truth and logic:

Narrator: It was yoda.


Bested by the Jedi Tednado’s swifter saber, Sith Lord Hamill sank and scurried away to bask in the adoration of his ignorant legions of mindless fans.

What a jerk.

At least Cruz can now tell him, “Luke, I am your father!” because he schooled him hard on net neutrality…

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