News or Propaganda?

Well informed Americans understand that the news media shows a definite liberal bias, in their reporting, and that is not news to any of us.  However, some in the media are engaging in more than just biased reporting.  Too often, they are actually lieing and knowingly twisting the facts reported, in order to sell a predetermined, false narrative.

News or Propaganda?
By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

Ed. Note: Please note caveat added at the end of this article (updated October 9, 2015).

The Conservative Tree House recently reported that CNN had edited photos of Mercer, the black shooter in the recent Douglas County, Oregon massacre.  According to the Treehouse, the photos were doctored to make Mercer appear to be white.  The Los Angeles Times erroneously reported that Mercer showed white supremacist leanings.  I assume that was before they discovered that he was black.  To be completely factual, he is half black.   But since the media classifies Obama as our first black president, it is only logical to classify Mercer as a black shooter.  He is at least as black as Obama.

Dr. Marks, a college professor in San Francisco, misrepresented that a black shopper at Whole Foods Market was beaten just for “shopping while black.”  Several media organizations picked this story up and spread fallacious, inflammatory information without fact checking the story first.

It turned out that the black shopper had actually punched a Whole Foods employee and spit on a security guard, after throwing a tantrum because he could not use his SNAP card to buys prohibited items.  He threw his items on the floor and was then restrained by a black security guard, but the false narrative that was promoted was that black people in Oakland trying to buy groceries are routinely beat For No Reason What So Ever.  As it turned out, race had nothing whatsoever to do with this incident.  However, there were no apologies or corrections made by the media.

We saw the same type of misleading reporting back when Trayvon Martin was shot after attacking George Zimmerman.  All the major news channels, including Fox, showed old photos of Trevon when he was only 12 years old.  The intent was obviously to create the impression of a helpless black victim to inflame racial tensions and increase viewership.  Showing Trevon as a full grown, 6-2 teenager who attacked Zimmerman did not work as well for those who wanted to represent Trayvon as an innocent victim.

Another class of victims the left-wing media loves to portray are Muslims being mistreated by evil, white America.  The story of fourteen year old Ahmed Mohamed is a perfect example.  After he was arrested for taking a suspicious device that looked like a bomb to school, he was portrayed as a Muslim child prodigy; a young, genius inventor; and a victim of Islamophobia.

However, as the facts came out, it became apparent that he was no inventor, no genius, and had not been the target of Islamophobia, after all.  Contrary to his initial claims, he didn’t invent a clock. He inexplicably put an old radio clock inside a box and misrepresented it as it his invention.  Rather than being a budding inventor, he turned out to be a troubled brat who had severe behavioral problems in school and was evasive when questioned by police about the device that looked like a bomb.

It also turned out that his sister, Eyman, had also once been sent home because of allegations of a bomb threat.  Also his father is a Sudanese activist with a long-history of public relations stunts he pulled to gin up attention toward the supposed American problem of Islamophobia.

But even after the facts were known, the narrative from the media and the Obama administration did not change. Like the entire “hands up” myth, the left refuses to correct the narrative even after it is known to be false.  Instead, they prefer to solidify a media narrative that middle America is a hotbed of rabid Muslim and racial hatred and kids who look different will be arrested just for being too smart or “inventing while Muslim.”

What we can do.  As media watchdogs, we can use social media to set the record straight.  One great reason to learn Twitter and Facebook is to be able to respond in a timely fashion to media reports on any channel.  Our comments can be seen on their social media, and we can provide a counterpoint to bad reporting.  I use Twitter and Facebook regularly for this purpose.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

Statement from SATP President Allen Tharp, October 8, 2015:

I stated that the Conservative Treehouse had reported that CNN had doctored a photo of Chris Mercer to make him appear to be white. My statement was completely correct, and they did report this.

The Gateway Pundit, Andrew Wilkow,, and LiveLeak had also reported this as true.

A couple of our folks pointed out to me though that Snopes says this is false. So, while Snopes is a very left leaning organization, I wanted to make sure we included their take on this. CLICK HERE for the Snopes “fact check.”

It is very important to me and the editorial team that all information we pass on is factual. So we wanted to provide this caveat, so you can make your own decision.


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5 Responses to "News or Propaganda?"

  1. Aggie Mom  October 9, 2015 at 8:46 am

    Please see Allen Tharp’s statement posted at the end of the article. We appreciate your comments and feedback!

  2. SATP  October 8, 2015 at 7:56 am

    Thanks Jerry, we were alerted to this possibility earlier today. We are/will research further. Perhaps we will need to publish a retraction

  3. LLOYD BAILEY  October 7, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    The media of course chooses to ignore facts and data that does not fit their agenda. I have yet to see the anti-fire-arms media point out the alarming climb of the crime rate in AUSTRALIA since the government spent several million $ purchasing the fire arms of ALL of their non-criminal citizens. Now, the criminals are attacking and robbing people with impunity since they know their victims to be UNARMED. I have not yet seen this reported in the media, not even FOX to my knowledge.

  4. Jerry Harben  October 7, 2015 at 11:28 am

    As much as I dislike CNN, they may be innocent this time. No one seems to have actually seen this photo on their broadcast or their website. Probably a fake.

  5. Dave R  October 7, 2015 at 8:34 am

    When the media begins to become a propaganda machine, we should all be alarmed. It definitely goes against promoting the freedoms this country was founded on. Let’s hope the people become outraged enough to start ignoring those media outlets that do nothing but spew propaganda.

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