Obama’s Transformed America

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By Allen Tharp

When Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform America, we had no idea how much damage he would actually be able to inflict on this country.  Unfortunately he has presided over a cultural transformation that has fundamentally changed the social mores of some segments of our population. The myth of white guilt and black victimhood are now taught in universities and promoted by the government and the liberal media.  From the president down, divisive rhetoric is used to pit rich against poor, black against white, alien against citizen, and women against men.  Never accept responsibility when you can blame others for your circumstances.

Actions that would not be tolerated before have now become accepted.  Personal responsibility and respect for the rule of law have been replaced with a sense of entitlement, lack of respect for authority, and a disregard for property rights.

Lawlessness becomes more acceptable when the president and Attorney General participate in it themselves and encourage it.  From the disdain for the Constitution to the complete disrespect for the police, they have promoted the principle that it is okay to ignore the laws you don’t like.  Some Illegal aliens and young blacks now feel that it is okay to refuse direct orders from police officers.  Rather than using their positions to discourage lawlessness, the Obama administration has sold the idea that the police are bad, racist, and act stupidly, and their acolytes eagerly bought the garbage they have been selling.  Lack of respect for authority takes on a whole new meaning when it is promoted by the president’s administration.

We are seeing an unprecedented increased level of bizarre criminal actions by brazen hoodlums who now feel justified in their criminality. They even feel that they have the right to resist and attack law officers.

Recently in Brazoria County, a 16 year old illegal alien set a deputy constable’s patrol car on fire, pointed a rifle at authorities, and then led the police on a 35-minute car chase.

During the pursuit, the teenager swerved his maroon Ford F-150 four-door truck into two motorcycle officers who were escorting a funeral.  The police finally took him in to custody after he crashed his car.

The reason he gave was that he was at war against the government because Immigration and Customs Enforcement are always deporting illegal aliens.  He also said he was tired of his people getting shot by police and nothing happening, so he came to shoot the officers.

Where did he get such a distorted view of reality? He got it from the Obama administration and the liberal media: Police are bad, illegal aliens are victims, and the scales must be balanced.  In his mind, his actions were, therefore, justified.

How serious is this problem?  It is very serious because we are not just talking about one 16 year old alien who hates what America stands for.  We are talking about the mass importation of huge numbers of aliens like him who have no respect for our culture and way of life.  The United Nations working with Obama has secretly sent nearly 500,000 aliens they classified as “refugees” directly from the Third World to more than 190 cities and towns across the U.S. since Obama took office.

Although they may not appreciate our culture, they are more than willing to take our money. A recent study by the Congressional Research Office showed 74.2 percent of refugees receive food stamps, 56 percent are on Medicaid and 23 percent live in public housing.

Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, recently introduced HR 3314, the Refugee Resettlement Accountability National Security Act, which seeks a moratorium on all resettlements until Congress can audit its costs and impact.

So far, Babin has not found any co-sponsors for this bill.  So please call you representative and encourage them to support Babbin’s bill to press the pause button on this program that grants permanent legal residency to nearly 70,000 new refugees a year.

While we’re at it, we need to demand an end to Sanctuary cities, which are just another symptom of our lawless Obama society and erroneously promote the idea that some laws are okay to ignore.

It is not just some of Obama’s imported aliens that have a problem with authority.  We have also seen violent black mobs incredibly rioting, looting, and burning in Ferguson right under the noses of the police and the media, over a black thug who robbed a store and then was shot when attacking an officer. It didn’t matter that the shooting was not only justified but unavoidable because again they have been lead to believe that the police are bad, they are victims, and the scales must be balanced.  With this warped mind set, facts don’t matter.  In fact, they still vilify the officer, who has been exonerated of any wrong doing, and glorify the thug.

Today, Democrat strong-holds like Ferguson, Compton, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Chicago have murder rates that look more like that of war zones than that of a modern American city. That’s because any area in which no one enforces law and property rights are bound to devolve into third world ghettos overridden with crime.

You can always count on Hollywood to play their part in indoctrinating of America, with movies like “Straight Outta Compton,” that just came out.  The theme of the film focuses on the evils of the Los Angeles Police Department and white authority.

It has become chic to vilify white America but not in vogue to address the real problems, which are the break down in the family unit and the growing dependence on welfare.  Welfare programs undermine work and marriage, and lead to intergenerational dependence and self-defeating behaviors.  Many parents don’t work and don’t pass on the work ethic to their children. As a result, teenage summer employment has collapsed, from over 50 percent in 1994 to only 31 percent in 2014.  Still liberals want to increase the minimum wage, which will further decrease job opportunities for our youth.

Welfare has been a disaster for poor communities and has done a disservice to the recipients. The damage has been fourfold.

First, the existing welfare system undermines work. By offering a generous system of entitlements to able-bodied adults without any obligation to work.  Only two out of more than 80 means-tested welfare programs include even modest work or training requirements.

Second, More people above the poverty level have been made eligible for benefits.

Benefits to single parents making almost twice the poverty level have increased by 80 percent.

Third, most of these means-tested welfare programs impose significant penalties against marriage. For 50 years, welfare has driven fathers from the home.  So, single mothers have become increasingly dependent on government aid.

But the greatest victims of the anti-marriage incentives embedded in the welfare system have been children. Children raised without fathers in the home are substantially more likely to experience behavioral problems, to drop out of school, and to engage in crime.

Welfare must be revamped to promote rather than discourage work and marriage.  Able-bodied recipients of means-tested welfare benefits should be required to work, or at least prepare for

Work, as a condition of receiving aid.  Additionally, welfare’s current financial penalties against marriage must be reduced.

Fourth, America cannot afford the bill.  Today’s one-trillion dollar in welfare spending is financed by stealing from future generations.  Intergenerational theft should be punished as severely as any other act of felonious theft.  It is impossible to justify spending one- trillion dollars we do not have.

Reforming the welfare system is not only necessary but would better serve the interests of both the poor and the taxpayers.

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2 Responses to "Obama’s Transformed America"

  1. GranPaSmurf  August 26, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Reagan…(if only again…sigh)
    I like Trump for trumpeting the issues I care about as a conservative. When it comes time, I seriously doubt he will be nominated as Republican candidate.
    AND I am puzzled by Trump picking a fight with Fox News. I would wager that Fox News is the ‘go to’ news outlet for most conservatives.
    I think Trump is stubbornly holding to a perceived antagonism that was not there but will surely be unless he reverses his direction re: Fox News

  2. Bill Crumrine  August 26, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Everybody knew this back in both 2008 and 2010, especially the Republican Eastern Establishment, (i.e. the Bush family, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Including the San Antonio group such as the likes of Joci Strauss and her son, Joe Strauss) yet all supported him, just behind the scenes). This is the reason why Donald Trump is being supported as he is, though Alan Keyes, Michelle Malkin, and the late Andrew Brietbart are forewarning everyone to “…beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Quite frankly, personally, I support Donald Trump, because I want something done regarding the economy, foreign policy that favors the United States, and immigration. Much was said about President Ronald Reagan regarding the 1980 election, but Thank GOD, he was elected and re-elected by a wider margin in 1984.

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