Obama’s War On America’s Neighborhoods

Obama’s War On America’s Neighborhoods
By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

OBAMA is moving forward as fast as he can to bring ghettos and the associated ghetto violence to your neighborhood. Not content with only destroying businesses, jobs, the economy, and the nation’s health care system, he now has his sights set on ruining our neighborhoods and redistributing Americans according to race quotas and economic status.  His current and ex-HUD Secretaries, Julián Castro and Shaun Donovan, have both presented Obama’s neighborhood zoning diversity plan at various NAACP conventions. Both Donovan and Castro have always been advocates of wielding federal power to create Agenda 21 “sustainable” communities.

They are conducting a war on America’s neighborhoods and calling it Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH). Our mayor, Ivy Taylor, is fully on board and committed to the Obama agenda.  In fact, this Agenda 21-driven project is one of her pet projects.  

If you think our Republican-led Congress stepped in to stop this nonsense, think again. Senator Mike Lee offered an amendment to try to stop Obama’s housing redistribution scheme, but the McConnell Senate voted it down. In the House, H.R. 1995 designed to stop the AFFH Federal zoning plan is still stuck in committee. Congress could defund and block Obama’s federal zoning board, but so far they have chosen to support it. 

Comrade, how dare you think you have the right to choose your neighbors. How dare you have the audacity to work hard and move up the economic ladder so you can avoid living next door to that 20-year-old gang banger or drug pusher who parties or prowls all night and sleeps all day? It is time you understand that your lives are not your own and neither are your neighborhoods. They belong to the central planners from the Federal Government. Even local governments must bow to the directives of the Federal overlords now.

Surrender! Let the government help you march forward into the new socially engineered Orwellian society. That is what the liberals demand.

But we have already seen what catastrophic failures liberal projects always turn out to be. Public housing projects, for example, have been tried since the 1950’s, and they have proven over and over again to be massive failures.

Then look at the bad economics of this big government program. A bankrupt Federal Government almost $20 trillion in on-the-books debt wants to increase the cost for providing subsidized housing by putting it in the most expensive areas. A single subsidized unit in a high-cost neighborhood could cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars because of higher land prices and extra amenities like parking garages, gyms, and swimming pools that HUD wants to include. To the average person, this kind of waste of taxpayer funds is total insanity and borders on the criminal. Only the government could see this wasteful nonsense as being reasonable.

HUD is also an unconstitutional Federal agency promoting an unconstitutional policy with the AFFH program. Housing is not an appropriate or Constitutional area for Federal Government involvement. So perhaps now is the time to look at repealing the Fair Housing Act and defunding and abolishing HUD.

Tell Congress to protect our property rights and stop Obama’s unconstitutional AFFH initiative. Defund HUD and stop federal zoning of our neighborhoods by the statists.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.



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5 Responses to "Obama’s War On America’s Neighborhoods"

  1. GranPaSmurf  June 13, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Obviously you’re right
    I’m afraid we will have to have real crash before the ‘gimmes’ learn.
    I don’t think we are quite there yet

  2. Dave R  June 13, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Once again, Obama and his minions perpetually try and “integrate” Section 8 housing everywhere they can — all part of his “socialism” agenda. It’s another reason that we need to defeat every leftist (including the Castro brothers) whenever we can. Let’ s hope people start paying attention and get outraged enough to change the leadership

  3. Bobbie  June 9, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    Pedro. I can’t attend these meetings. But please join these groups to see if it’s not too late to change the course.

  4. Bobbie  June 9, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Does anyone know if the Fed govt has its fingers in rentals at condos and apartments? What about in New construction of these by a private contractor?

  5. Pedro  June 8, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Will SATP provide any commentary on statists in local government? I recently received a newsletter from Councilman Gallagher encouraging people to sign up for tax payer funded “Affirmative Action Advisory Committee”. This is discrimination we need to rally against.

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