Phony Climate Prognostications and Pseudoscience

The earth has gone through many warming and cooling cycles long before man ever walked the face of the earth.

Phony Climate Prognostications and Pseudoscience
By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

Obama recently returned from a trip to Alaska, that he made for the purpose of pushing his global warming (wealth distribution) agenda. We were supposed to be horrified by the photos and stories he had about glaciers melting during his visit. Most of us have already figured out though that glaciers melt every summer and come back every winter.  Additionally, any actual retreat of those Alaskan glaciers has nothing to do with man-made global warming. We know this because those glaciers began their retreat in about 1770 AD.  This was obviously long before man-made carbon-dioxide emissions could have made any difference to our climate.  The earth has gone through many warming and cooling cycles long before man ever walked the face of the earth.

Many of us have become immune to the shock and awe of such phony climate prognostications and pseudoscience. We have seen doomsday deadlines pass again and again, with no climate apocalypse forthcoming.

For example, the BBC and the Canadian Sierra Club made dire predictions that the Arctic summers would be ice-free by 2013, and Al Gore had ominously predicted that the Arctic polar ice cap would disappear by 2014. But the ice cap has actually been growing. The National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, showed the Arctic ice mass, as of September 7 to be considerably bigger than it was in September 2012.  It has actually gained hundreds of miles of thick, multi-year ice; and, contrary to alarmist claims, the polar bears are thriving.  In 2014 Antarctica also saw record sea ice. Ironically a global warming expedition even got stuck in the overly abundant ice there.

San Antonio just experienced a very cool summer. Last year Chicago recorded their coldest day ever, and Oregon reached its coldest temperature in 40 years. Contrary to Obama’s claims, the data from the Alaska Climate Research Center shows that most sites in Alaska have also been cooling, not warming. Interestingly, the hottest day recorded in Alaska was 100 degrees F, and it happened  in Fort Yukon back in June 1915.

The global warming proponents, who claim that CO2 causes global warming, are further discredited by the fact that there has been no warming in the last 19 years, although CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 9% over that same period.

Additionally, it turns out that 2014 was not the warmest year on record as they had claimed. However, in order to support their faulty climate theories and sell their climate lies, they cherry-picked temperature data from ground weather stations near urban areas. The “urban heat island effect” causes temps to be higher near urban areas because of pavement and buildings. So they had to selectively choose those temperature readings that bolstered their argument.  Even still, they could only show warming of two-one hundredths of one degree. The fact that they ignored accurate data and used sketchy data to fudge the results proves that they know climate change is a hoax. They purposefully misrepresented facts and mislead people because man-made climate change is their new religion and the facts don’t matter.

It also turns out that nature produces much more CO2 than man. In 2014 NASA launched a satellite that measures CO2 levels around the globe. You might assume that most of the CO2 would be produced by the industrialized nations in the northern hemisphere, but you would be wrong. They found that most is coming from the rain forests in South America, Africa, and China. That’s right. When trees decompose or are burned by the indigenous people to clear space, they release back in to the atmosphere all of that CO2 they used and stored during their lives.  That is how the life cycle works.

Global warming is a total scam, with serious economic consequences. The agenda is to shake down wealthier nations and redistribute wealth to the poorer nations, under the guise of man-made climate change. Almost 30 years ago a former Canadian environment minister admitted to the Calgary Herald that, “It doesn’t matter if the ‘science’ of global warming is all phony.” “What matters is that climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” These poorer socialist nations are now demanding reparations be paid by more wealthy nations to compensate them for all the supposed damage we have done to their climate. They know a good scam when they see one.

The USA and other nations are already transferring $100 billion per year to mitigate the mythical global warming.  But these recipient countries have decided that they should never take an inch when you can take a mile, so they are demanding even more money be transferred to them. But of course they are! Rather than create wealth of their own with a free market economy, they prefer to appropriate wealth produced by others. No need to follow a successful economic model: just steal from those suckers who do.

The hypocrisy of many of the main purveyors of man-made climate change is also quite revealing. They live lives completely opposite of the environmental moderation that they preach. They own large homes and yachts. They fly around the world in private jets, with absolutely no concern for the carbon footprint they may be leaving. Some, like Al Gore, are motivated by profit from carbon taxes and other green energy laws. If they truly believed in this hoax, they would certainly be living very different lives, wouldn’t they?

Over 31,000 scientists signed a petition saying, “There is “no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

They say, “Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.” So CO2 is actually good for life on this planet. In fact, without it life as we know it would not exist.

Rather than global warming, scientists now actually believe that the earth is in for a cooling period over the next 25 years due to decreased sun activity. So we can safely say now that it is time to stop the insanity and stop squandering huge sums of money on the imaginary man-made global warming threat.  It doesn’t exist and never did.  Climate change is a fact of nature, and we have gone through many colder periods and warmer periods long before the industrial revolution came about.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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2 Responses to "Phony Climate Prognostications and Pseudoscience"

  1. Jerry Harben  September 23, 2015 at 11:04 am

    I have started reading Mark Steyn’s new book, “A Disgrace To The Profession”, about Prof. Michael Mann and his discredited “hockey stick” graph that eliminated the Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age to make it appear that climate change is new and a product of human activities. Mann has engaged many SLAPP lawsuits to try to silence his critics, and is suing Steyn because Steyn quoted someone else who said Mann’s work is fraudulent. Truth is a defense, and most of us would love to see Mann try to defend his work on the stand and in jeopardy of perjury, so the case will not come to trial but has produced four years of lawyer’s fees. Tired of waiting for his time in court, Steyn has assembled published comments by about 100 physical scientists about the quality of Mann’s work. Worth reading, and available on Amazon.

  2. Cindy Guzowski  September 23, 2015 at 10:14 am

    El Papa spoke this morning in the Whitehouse backyard. He said climate change is a problem and thanked the Pres for addressing it. Surprising to me that he did not mention the huge problem of Christians being run out of their homes and slaughtered everyday, children being crucified and beheaded!

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