Popovich committed flagrant foul on Trump

Popovich wonders where he is living and who he is living with. He obviously believes half of America are “deplorables.” He is living with evangelicals and veterans, perhaps the most value-oriented cohorts in our country.

Popovich committed flagrant foul on Trump

We Say: It’s gratifying and encouraging that MySanAntonio (Express News) published this spot-on rebuttal of Coach Popovich’s outrageous public whine on the election of Donald Trump. We’re cautiously hopeful but will keep eyes wide open to see if our local media provides more balanced news and viewpoints in the future.

Thank you for speaking out for so many of us, General Brady.

Republished from MySanAntonio.com, by Pat Brady (for the Express News), November 20, 2016. Image credit: Steve Breen cartoon, San Diego Union Tribune, November 9, 2016

I must say I am sick to my stomach to hear Gregg Popovich whine that he is sick to his stomach for losing to Donald Trump. As a sports icon, and role model, he should be setting the example for losers, gracious, not whiny, in defeat and humble in victory. A poor example for our youth.

As one who has seen up close and personal the dishonesty of the media, I am shocked that he would believe, and promote, the phobias, bigotry and racist labels they have heaped on Donald Trump. Thank God America was not fooled.

As a veteran and former intelligence officer who once considered a career in the CIA, I am shocked that he would support a woman who jeopardized the security of our nation, and the lives of our troops, by her insane contempt for classified information. Popovich must know he would be in jail had he compromised national security during his military career as Hillary Clinton did.

Popovich wonders how evangelical Christians, 81 percent, could vote for Trump. He must be shocked to know that his fellow veterans voted for Trump by a margin of 3 to 1. In fact, in the key states where veterans are influential, Popovich’s fellow veterans may have been responsible for Trump’s victory.

Popovich wonders where he is living and who he is living with. He obviously believes half of America are “deplorables.” He is living with evangelicals and veterans, perhaps the most value-oriented cohorts in our country. Evangelicals are horrified to know about Hillary’s support for abortion.

Popovich is living in a country where veterans understand leadership. They know Hillary is not a leader, nor is Barack Obama. Veterans know Hillary will follow the policies of Obama, who has taken our military to unprecedented levels of unreadiness and treated suffering veterans beyond cruel in their hospitals. Popovich is a loser because of the votes of deplorables, his fellow veterans and Christians.

Would Popovich run his team as Obama and Hillary have run this country? Their agenda is antithetical to sports. Would he field a team half female in an all-male NBA? Would he keep a player with a record like Hillary, who exists simply because she married the boss? Trump has said he would run the country as the Spurs are run, not how their coach votes.

Popovich said we are Rome. No, but we are on the way.

It is no sure deal, but if Trump governs for life, readiness, morality and the family, we may be able to avoid the fate of Rome. We will fail if people like Popovich get in the way.

However, I hope he does not leave the country with his fellow leftists; the Spurs need him.

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady earned the Medal of Honor in Vietnam.

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2 Responses to "Popovich committed flagrant foul on Trump"

  1. Warrington Lee Austerman  December 1, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    Pop is entitled to his opinion. At least he is a decent person who doesn’t constantly force his politics on us. He’s a man of class and he’s a veteran. That is more than I could say for Hallary. If someone has more of right than a common voter to say how he or she feels, it’s someone who wore the uniform of this country fighting for rights. Let him say what he has to say, and then that will be the end of it, and he’ll get back to coaching his team.

  2. Alan Smith  November 26, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    If enough people are truly mad at comments by Popovich they would best serve the city of SA by not attending the Spurs home games. Elections have consequences and Popovich should understand he is in the entertainment business not politics. Unless of course he sees himself in the same vein as George Looney and his Looney wife, Barbara Streisand and a multitude of Hollywood liberals who think we commoners just wait to hear their latest comments on subjects they know nothing about.

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