Ralph Gerhardt Scholarship: And the Winners Are…

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The San Antonio Tea Party Proudly Salutes Our Winners!

Winners of the Ralph Gerhardt Scholarship were assessed on their comprehensive knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, the vision the framers had for the role of government, the evolution of that role, and the impact of that evolution on individual freedom. They were scored on three levels of competition: essay, panel interview, and oral presentation.


 ABIGAIL LOZANO: 1st Place Recipient of a $1,000 Scholarship

The antithesis of a monarchy, the founding fathers set up a government that  had definitive limits and specific powers outlined within the Constitution to  guarantee all citizens these inherent rights, regardless of religion, economic  state or previous social status.



Victoria Thomas


VICTORIA THOMAS: 2nd Place Recipient of a $750 Scholarship

The word “liberal,” aside from political denotation, means open to new ideas. (Webster) What few students realize is that at the time of its inception, the Constitution was an extremely liberal document.  The known world at that pointing time was run primarily, and almost exclusively, by monarchies.  To include everyday citizens directly in the decision-making processes of a government had not been attempted since ancient Greece and the Constitution’s many safeguards against an intrusive government had not been attempted—even in ancient Greece.  The Founding Fathers were radically liberal.


 ERIC WITHERSPOON: 3rd Place Recipient of a $500 Scholarship

One can determine from the checks and balances system that the framers did  not intend for the government to have too much power over the lives of  American citizens.  However, today it is easy to see just how much power the  federal government has.


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    Congratulations to all the winners!

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