Recommendations for November 3, 2015 Constitutional Propositions

Now we can study them and be informed on the issues on the ballot well before early voting starts later this month on Monday, October 19, 2015.

Recommendations for November 3, 2015 Constitutional Propositions
Ed. Note: After the Texas Legislature meets every two years, there are laws and resolutions that require a vote by the citizens of the state to go into effect.  Unless you followed each of the seven issues put on the ballot for a statewide referendum in November, you might not be up to speed or know which of them support or undermine your principles.
EmpowerTexans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is a Conservative organization that does follow the Legislature and state government in particular.  They have made their recommendations and positions known.
Now we can study them and be informed about the issues on the ballot well before early voting starts Monday October 19, 2015.
You can find them here or read below.  For those that they are neutral about, you may want to start your own research or seek other organizations that have also taken a stand on them:

Republished from Texas Scorecard, Sep 17, 2015

 Proposition 1 –

SJR 1 – Explanation: Increases the homestead exemption for public school districts by $10,000, gives the legislature the authority to prohibit local government entities from reducing or repealing optional homestead exemptions already in place, and prohibits a transfer tax or fee on real estate transactions.

TFR Position: FOR

Proposition 2 –

HJR 75 – Explanation: Current state law provides for an exemption from property taxes for surviving spouses of 100% disabled veterans who after January 1, 2010, provided that they meet a certain criteria. This proposition would make eligible the same benefits to the surviving spouses of 100% disabled veterans who died before the law took effect, provided they meet the same criteria.

TFR Position: FOR

Proposition 3 –

SJR 52 Explanation: Current law requires a statewide elected official to maintain a residence in the Austin area while they serve their term. This amendment would change that provision in the state constitution and allow statewide elected officials to live at home while serving their term.

TFR Position: FOR

Proposition 4 –

HJR 73 – Explanation: Authorizes the foundations of professional sports teams in Texas to conduct charitable raffles during games.


Proposition 5 –

SJR 17 – Explanation: Authorizes a county with a population of 7,500 or less to perform private road construction and maintenance.


Proposition 6 –

SJR 22 – Explanation: Amends the state constitution to recognize the right of Texans to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife subject to laws promoting wildlife conservation.


Proposition 7 – 

SJR 5 Explanation: Dedicates a portion of state sales tax revenue and motor vehicle sales to the state highway fund, to be used only for non-tolled roads and reduction of transportation-related debt.

TFR Position: FOR

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  1. Larry Malone  October 14, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    What are we going to do about making S.A. a Sanctuary City,
    This can’t happen.

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