A bold challenge by Rep Louie Gohmert of Texas

Ed Note: Rep Louie Gohmert of Texas has announced he will run for Speaker of the House to give voters a real choice between the status quo and what they voted overwhelmingly for in November. He's also going to be the keynote speaker this weekend at the Tea Party Patriots "Texas, Our Texas" Advanced Training Conference in Houston. Click on the link below for the agenda and registration information. Republished from TheHill.com, by Kyle Balluck, January 04, 2015.

Details on an important event and how you can take part are on our website:  Upcoming Events » “Texas, Our Texas” Advanced Training Conf with Louie Gohmert! » San Antonio Tea Party

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) said Sunday that he will challenge John Boehner (R-Ohio) as Speaker in the new Congress.

“I’m putting my name out there today to be another candidate for Speaker,” Gohmert said on “Fox and Friends.”

Gohmert said that after “years of broken promises, it’s time for a change.”

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) on Saturday announced that he would not support Boehner for Speaker.

“This is not a personal attack against Mr. Boehner, however, the people desire and deserve a choice,” Yoho said in a Facebook post. “In November, they resoundingly rejected the status quo.”

“Eventually, the goal is second, third, fourth round, we have enough people that say ‘you know what, it really is time for a change,’ ” Gohmert said Sunday. “’You deceived us when you went to Obama and Pelosi to get your votes for the cromnibus. You said you’d fight amnesty tooth an nail. You didn’t, you funded it.’ ”

Gohmert said, if elected, he would ”fight amnesty tooth and nail. We’ll use the powers of the purse. We’ll have better oversight. We’ll fight to defund ObamaCare.”

“In 2010, Boehner and other leaders said if you put us in the majority, we will have time to read the bills,” Gohmert said. “That hasn’t happened. We saw that with the cromnibus, again.”

“We’ll get back to appropriating and we will go through regular committee process, so every representative from both parties will have a chance to participate in the process and not have a dictator running things,” he added.

“With a growing Republican majority in the House and a historically high number of liberty-voting fiscal conservatives within it, there is an urgent need replace Speaker Boehner with fresh, bold leadership that better represents the views of the whole caucus,” FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe said in a statement on Sunday.

“Speaker Boehner has kicked fiscal conservatives off committee positions for voting against his wishes, caved on numerous massive spending bills at the eleventh hour, and abused the legislative process to stomp out opposition by holding surprise votes and giving members little time to actually read the bills before they vote,” Kibbe added.

The conservative group will urge activists to contact their representatives ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

Incoming Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that she would vote for Boehner.

“We voted in our conference in November, and … it was near unanimous. I think there was one weak voice that didn’t say, that may have said ‘nay.’ There hasn’t been a campaign or any phone calls that anyone has received, so I expect that will move forward very smoothly.”

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3 Responses to "A bold challenge by Rep Louie Gohmert of Texas"

  1. GranPaSmurf  January 8, 2015 at 8:21 am

    I wonder how much ‘political capital’ he gave up. Committee appointments and Calendar preferences. I think a losing challenge to the speaker costs in subtle ways through-out the rest of Rep. Gomert’s tenure.

  2. ProudAmerican  January 7, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    Thank you, Congressman Gohmert! That took courage, and I appreciate you standing in the gap to give us a Conservative alternative to the lackluster and uninspiring alternative. I pray that Speaker Boehner will rise to the challenge and lead the charge to get our country back on track. Now we must pull together for the sake of the country we love.

  3. Dave R  January 6, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    Gohmert would be a GREAT alternative to Boehner. For that matter, ANY conservative would be a better alternative than Boehner. I certainly hope there is enough outrage that plenty of voters call their House Rep and ask them to vote for Gohmert ! (It would be good way to show the “establishment” that voters are still paying attention)

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