Report: Crime Spikes In Sanctuary Cities

According to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, crime has risen in "sanctuary cities" across the nation.

Report: Crime Spikes In Sanctuary Cities

We Say: San Antonio Tea Party grilled Mayor Ivy Taylor, Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau, and San Antonio Police Chief William McManus about whether San Antonio is a sanctuary city.

“No,” “no,” and “no” …EXCEPT…

Sanctuary cities declare themselves as such and refuse to detain individuals that Federal officials suspect of a Federal crime.

The San Antonio area jurisdictions honor such ‘detainers.’ However, San Antonio Police Department officers are forbidden to ask about citizenship status. While Bexar County deputies are not forbidden, there is no incentive to do so.

Our conclusion? San Antonio is not a declared sanctuary city, but teeters precariously on the jagged edge.

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According to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, crime has risen in “sanctuary cities” across the nation.

Landry told the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, that sanctuary city policies “allow illegals to commit crimes, then roam free in our communities.” Landry’s appearance was prompted by the changed status of New Orleans, where city police are now banned from asking an  individual’s immigration status.

 Using recent statistics from Los Angeles, another sanctuary city, Landry asserted, “Los Angeles saw all crime rise in 2015: violent crime up 19.9 percent, homicides up 10.2 percent, shooting victims up 12.6 percent, rapes up 8.6 percent, robberies up 12.3 percent, and aggravated assault up 27.5 percent … (sanctuary cities) encourage further illegal immigration and promote an underground economy that sabotages the tax base.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., slammed the DOJ’s demand for New Orleans police to enforce sanctuary city policies, calling it “an effort to further their political agenda.”

Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., echoed that the sanctuary city policies “resulted in thousands of criminal aliens being released to commit more crimes.”

As Ian Smith pointed out in National Review in July:

It is estimated that fully half of America’s 41 million immigrants have settled in just five metropolitan areas: New York City–Newark, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco–Oakland. According to data from the Center for Immigration Studies, every one of these cities and their surrounding counties has sanctuary policies of some kind. Considering the illegal-alien pull factor of these policies, which Kate Steinle’s murderer admitted to, it’s unsurprising that the immigrant populations of these sanctuary cities includes many who are here illegally.

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