Republicans Vote No Confidence in Texas Speaker Joe Straus

Straus went even further in a speech to the Texas Association of School Boards where he compared the entire special session to “horse manure.”

Republicans Vote No Confidence in Texas Speaker Joe Straus

We Say: We learned this the morning of July 11. Being reputable internet journalists we started out to corroborate the information. Locally? Nope. Express-News? TV News? Nope. Well what could you expect—they have been loud supporters of Straus for years.

So, enjoy this article from our right-thinking Louisiana neighbors!

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Texas House Speaker Joe Straus has always been popular in his home of Bexar County, which includes San Antonio and a few surrounding suburbs. He has won recent primary challenges by more than 60% and his general elections by more than 80%. Yet, thanks to a recent feud with fellow Republicans Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick that may all be coming to an end.

Last night, with just over a week until a special session is set to begin for the Texas legislature, the Republican Party of Bexar County voted for a resolution encouraging new leadership in the Texas House. According to the resolution, which passed 36-28, it was due to the lack of support for the Republican Party of Texas platform.

Some opposed the resolution due to the fear that perception that infighting was bad for the party. Others believed the public infighting of Texas GOP leaders was more harmful. In a Facebook live stream video of the vote Bexar County Precinct Chair Patty Gibbons says, “This isn’t infighting. This democracy. Democracy is messy.”

[Video] Posted by Patty Gibbons on Monday, July 10, 2017

In an interview earlier in the year Dan Patrick said he and Straus have different priorities. “My audience is the people of Texas,” he said. “The same thing with Greg Abbott. The speaker has a different audience. He gets elected by a very small group of people in his district and then he gets elected in the House by the Democrats and some Republicans.

Much of the dispute between Straus, Abbott, and Patrick surrounds the Texas Privacy Act also referred to as the “Bathroom Bill.” The bill would require those in Texas public schools and other government buildings to use the restroom of their birth gender.

The rhetoric on both sides of the issue is high with one side focusing on concerns of possible voyeurism or attack from “men in women’s restrooms” and the other side proclaiming the bill may cause suicides in the transgender community.

According to a recent article in The New Yorker, Joe Straus said, “I’m not a lawyer, but I am a Texan. I’m disgusted by all this. Tell the lieutenant governor I don’t want the suicide of a single Texan on my hands.”

Straus went even further in a speech to the Texas Association of School Boards where he compared the entire special session to “horse manure.”

The process to replace Joe Straus is not an easy one. Should the Texas House desire a new Speaker, assuming Straus had not voluntarily stepped down, then when the special session comes to order a representative would seek recognition for the privileged motion to remove the Speaker and elect a new Speaker. The presiding chair would likely decline to recognize. The House members may appeal the chair’s denial with a written request signed by at least 76 representatives. Twenty Four Hours later the appeal is eligible for consideration. The appeal vote is then taken, and if successful, a vote to remove the Speaker will occur. If the motion passes the Speaker Pro Tem takes the chair and takes nominations for a new Speaker.

Representative Joe Straus was first elected House Speaker in 2009 with only 11 fellow Republicans and all 65 Democrats supporting him to replace Tom Craddick. In January, he was reelected to his fifth term unanimously making him tied with the longest serving speaker in Texas history.

Along with the resolution in support of replacing Joe Straus as Speaker the Bexar GOP also voted to support the “Bathroom Bill.”

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5 Responses to "Republicans Vote No Confidence in Texas Speaker Joe Straus"

  1. Christopher OBrien Anderson  July 17, 2017 at 11:49 am

    some of us have been fighting against the Establishment RINO/Gooper party from the inside for a while. Many of us were there and we had enough votes for this No Confidence win. When the news states that people walked out, many were the NON-VOTERS. We had a quorum the entire time.
    As for those who stated that many Precinct chairs didn’t show up, not our problem if they are to LAZY.
    As we have seen, too many LAZY, irresponsible REPUGS, refused to get out and vote in the past elections. There is absolutely no excuse but Laziness and lack of caring.
    I have a feeling that the Gooper and Demwit parties might be splitting into 4 parties (IMHO, a really good idea).

  2. GranPaSmurf  July 15, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Somehow I keep imagining a blond haired, blue eyed girl about 7 to 12 going into a bathroom alone. She looks suspiciously like one of my granddaughters. Nearby a pop-eyed guy in a messed-up raincoat stands up and mentally declares, “today I’m feeling female. I must be a female trapped in a male body therefore one of those transgender persons. Here I go into THAT bathroom..”
    In my imagination I am not there with my Glock 9.
    Who in the world ever thought setting up for this kind of scenario was a good idea? Who would deny business to states that protect against this setup? What has our world come to?
    We HAVE TO stand against this. Straus should be the first domino to publicly fall

  3. Jesse Del Castillo  July 13, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    The only thing that resembles or even smells like horse manure is the attitude and the behavior of Joe Strauss. He claims to not want even one suicide of a “transgender” on his hands? What about the assault of our daughters and wives by one of these deviates on his hands? Why isn’t he considering that reality? Is it because his pathetic, self-serving, political career is more important to him than serving his constituency, in the manner of the filthy, professional politician democrats? Why doesn’t he register as a democrat in order to show his true, anti-American colors, so that the American public doesn’t get blind-sided by his political rhetoric. By the way, for Strauss and his pathetic democrat cronies, these “transgender” excuses still have an XY chromosome configuration in their DNA, which makes them MALE all day long, no matter how the air-headed left wants to slice it. It’s high time that politicians be held accountable for their behavior, especially the lying, self-serving turncoats. A thorough house cleaning is long overdue throughout the country.

  4. David  July 12, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Speaker Straus has never enjoyed my confidence. His political tap dancing regarding the “bathroom bill” was typical of a left leaning politician wanting to appease the incredibly low number of the minority in lieu of the wishes of the overwhelming majority. Expecting every Texan, indeed every American, to bow to the whims of people who can’t come to grips with their own DNA is ludicrous on its face.

  5. Mark Metzger  July 12, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    So, “no one mentions it” he says, “It’s a contrived thing” he stated. ….. Straus, who is a Republican, also underscored he hasn’t heard demands for something like the bathroom bill in his district, which covers San Antonio.
    “No one mentions it. School districts I’ve represented have never had a problem. It’s almost this sort of contrived thing, but we’ll see where it goes,” the Speaker commented.

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