SATP Announces Ralph Gerhardt Scholarship Award 2015

Ed. Note: Dear Friends, if you ever wonder if we are making a difference, just take a long look at the beautiful image of our smiling scholarship winners. We are so proud of them! The awards they received on Saturday wouldn’t have been possible without your steadfast support. This is one of the many reasons we encourage you to keep giving! God bless you for keeping the faith with the San Antonio Tea Party and the values and ideals that unite us: Personal Freedom, Economic Freedom, and a Debt-Free Future. 

Mega kudos to Jeanne and Hector Melendez, Tom Shumaker, JoAnn and Pete Juhasz, Mary Ann Gerhardt, Mary Morgan, Cynthia Guzowski, Judge Joseph Appelt, Chad Kent, Michael Koerner, Salvatore Apicelli; our volunteer judges, coordinators, and mentors; and all of you amazing, generous donors. To Allen and Elena Tharp, whose generosity knows no bounds, thank you for the welcoming venue and staff who cheerfully serve us at the Lion and Rose British Restaurant and Pub. All of you and many others working behind the scenes transformed our vision to reality. 

Together we can do great things: investing our time, talents, and financial support to secure a brighter future for our country. Starting here, starting now…right in our own backyard!

By Jeanne Melendez, Scholarship Committee Chair

The theme of the May 16, 2015, meeting of the San Antonio Tea Party was “Investing in Our Future.”  Those present enjoyed presentations on the Constitution by the three student finalists for the Ralph Gerhardt Scholarship, named for a noteworthy Wilson County civic leader.

The award is based on a comprehensive knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, the vision the framers had for the role of government, the evolution of that role, and the impact of that evolution on individual freedom.

Mary Ann Gerhardt with Abigail Lazano

Mary Ann Gerhardt with Abigail Lazano

Finalists had previously demonstrated their knowledge by writing essays and undergoing interviews on the subject.  Each phase of the judging had a different panel of three judges.  Scores from the nine judges were tallied to determine the winner.

The 2015 winner is Abigail Lozano from Boerne.  At the end of the meeting the teary-eyed widow of Ralph Gerhardt presented Abigail with a $1000 check from the San Antonio Tea Party.  Many donors made the award possible.

In addition, Mike Koerner, representing Senator Cruz, presented Abigail with a Senate Commendation and a flag that has flown over the United States Capitol.

But wait…that’s not the end of the story!  Anonymous donors, impressed by all finalists, came forward behind the scenes to make possible cash awards to the second- and third-place winners.  Subsequently, Victoria Thomas of Corpus Christi was awarded $750 for finishing second and Eric Witherspoon $500 for third place.

The San Antonio Tea Party congratulates all who entered the contest and all who helped make it possible.

Photos courtesy of Jeanie Spence.



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  1. Tom Shumaker  May 20, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    Great job on the article and coverage in the Revere Report! Shows great team work and creativity all around!

  2. Don Stephens  May 20, 2015 at 11:17 am

    Congratulations to the essay winners.It would be nice if those winning essays were published here for all to read and appreciate.

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