SATP Announces Restructure in the Works!

SATP Announces Restructure in the Works!

I am excited to announce that the SATP board just unanimously voted to restructure how we are doing business so that we can become a more effective citizen lobbyist and educational group. The current SATP model with disparate neighborhood groups will be changed, and we will now combine our separate neighborhood groups into one large cohesive unit. This unified model has proven to be successful in many other cities. We want to bring everyone back home to the original San Antonio Tea Party structure, with everyone under one roof!

Many neighborhood group leaders have been and will continue to play an important role in our organization. This transition to a more unified organization will help alleviate some of the current burden placed on each leader who has had to develop agendas and chair meetings, often twice a month.  Those who wish will still be a busy and integral part of our organization. We expect that some will be willing to step up and chair subcommittees or Tiger Teams on topics of special interest to them and the SATP. We deeply appreciate all their great contributions over the years and look forward to a closer working relationship with them, as well as all SATP members and supporters.

Not only will our organizational structure change, but our board will also be revitalized, with each board member being assigned specific duties and responsibilities. This will better distribute the workload. Between board members and other SATP movers and shakers, we will have enough volunteers to cover a lot more ground. For example, one volunteer could be responsible for watching city and county issues and another to keep abreast of current state issues. This way we can stay ahead of legislation and other happenings that affect our lives.  Different SATP volunteers can take responsibility for various areas like fundraising and sponsorships, building coalitions, increasing membership, etc.  Previously, only the president, communications officer, secretary, and treasurer had assigned roles on the board.

SATP Yard SignThere are many advantages to adopting this new model.  Operating as a single unit will allow us to hold much larger meetings and will greatly increase enthusiasm and attendance at each event.  Larger groups are more impressive to elected officials and the general populace. Larger groups can also draw much better speakers and avoid duplication of effort between different groups.  We anticipate that these general meetings will occur approximately once per month, with Tiger Teams or subcommittees scheduled as needed.

With a larger and more enthusiastic base, we can expect to be more effective at impacting policy at all levels of government as well as attracting more new members and raising more funds to help in the fight for liberty.  Assembling all of our activists into one SATP will also foster a greater level of unity and fellowship and allow relationships to develop between people from all neighborhoods.

We have a great team communication tool called Slack.  Using this communication tool, committee members will be able to stay in touch even if they live in different parts of town.  Be sure to sign up for Slack, so you can stay informed and participate in discussions. Our Slack manager is Doug Richter:

These changes only affect the existing neighborhood groups in Bexar County and will in no way affect our relationship with our Wilson County Patriots  partners. We will continue to cooperate in the same synergistic manner that has worked so well for many years.  While groups in Bexar County and Wilson County have the same priorities on state and national issues, there are often different priorities regarding local and county issues. SATP takes great pride in the many successful programs and events we and WCP have put on in the past and expect many more in the future.

We look forward to bringing all SATP supporters together and building the best Tea Party possible. If anyone has any questions about the new SATP structure, please email me.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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3 Responses to "SATP Announces Restructure in the Works!"

  1. Ray Ridriguez  September 2, 2016 at 6:31 am

    I have attended as my schedule allows looking forward to the new structure Thanks for all y’all’s hard work over the years

  2. Suzanne Gorden  September 1, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    Just wanted to give a big kudo to JoAnn Juhasz, Wilson County Patriots group leader! She has done a tremendous job of using social media to make a success of the Patriots group. She is so dedicated and takes care of every detail associated with spreading the word on the important issues of the day. She is also a great friend to all group members, and we all admire her very much. Sending thanks your way, JoAnn, and please continue your good work! Love ya!

  3. Jim Parnella  August 31, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. I presume you have facilities to hold the larger crowds including audio capability and the ability to project presentations onto a screen. I’ve been a supporter of sharing information and ideas between groups since 2012 but have been extremely disappointed that it never happened. Now with one group, the ideas can be known to all SATP members, not just the ones in that neighborhood group (this assumes that meeting notes will be emailed to all members who want to receive them, whether they attended the meeting or not). This is a good step, but still falls short of my desire to communicate with statewide and national Tea Party groups. Why? A good idea in one group should be shared with all. After the 2012 election, my group (“True North”) brainstormed terrific ideas, ones that could have been shared statewide and nationally. The best ideas could have been adopted resulting in the Tea Party becoming even more efficient and successful. So, one step at a time. Let’s get the combined SATP functioning well before addressing the need for communication with other groups, statewide and national.

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