Why Some Politicians Check Their Principles at the Door

By Allen Tharp, May 10, 2015

The positions and the votes of some of the folks we worked so hard to get elected are becoming increasingly dismaying.  For example, Many Tea Party folks who worked assiduously to get Donna Campbell elected have been caught by surprise that she has suddenly become a supporter for government-provided Pre-K education, although this was one of the issues strongly opposed by the Tea Party and other conservatives.

The Tea Party fought against the Pre-K initiative because it is nothing more than an expensive, taxpayer-funded babysitting program that provides no long-term advantages to enrollees.  We also oppose any program that promotes the government as a better parent for preschool children.  This propensity to insert government over family is more akin to the communist philosophy.

Surprisingly, this has become a pet project for Governor Abbott now, although none of us recall that being a part of his public platform during the election.  There is so much that Governor Abbott is doing right, that many of us see the support for the useless and costly Pre-K program as completely out of character for him.

While we register our opposition to Governor Abbott’s support for Pre-K, we have to give him kudos for his unwavering opposition to Obamacare, including his prudent stance against any expansion of Medicaid or the establishment of state exchanges.

Then we have Senator Cornyn and Congressman Hurd, who seem to have completely turned their back on conservatives in order to secure their place in the hierarchy of the Senate or House. Time after time, we see them siding with leadership and ignoring the wishes of conservative constituents.  Since both Democrats and establishment Republicans have proven to be equally drawn to feeding at the trough of corporatism and crony capitalism, voila, the emergence of the Holy Grail of bipartisanship.  Something both sides can really get behind: big corporate bucks.

Not only has GOP leadership adopted the liberal, big government positions of the Democrats, but more and more they are adopting their language, too.  Recently Cornyn sponsored the Corrections Act that allows earned time credits for low and medium risk prisoners, who complete recidivism reduction programs.  This actually may not be a bad idea.  However, he followed this up by introducing something called the National Criminal Justice Commission Act, which would create a commission to provide a top-down review of our entire criminal justice system.  Sounds very Obamaesque, right?  Enough with the top-down government!  What we need is more local control of law enforcement.

Cornyn says that this program will help us strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and communities.  This language seems to be merely pandering to Obama and the liberals because those of us in law-abiding neighborhoods already have a good relationship with law enforcement. Criminal-ridden communities that have a high proportion of criminals and a higher crime rate will likely always have troubled relationships with those who seek to enforce the very laws they insist on breaking, until there is a check on criminal activity. Cornyn’s liberal language promotes the fallacious idea that the problem is the police and not the criminals.

Cornyn says, “When they see us coming together on a bipartisan basis and actually trying to solve problems, I think they feel like we’re finally listening to them and doing what we should be doing here in the United States Senate.”

Senator Cornyn, with no conservative or even moderate Democrats left in the senate, bipartisanship is the last thing we look for when evaluating your performance.  What we want and expect is principled fiscal conservatism.  If you are wondering what that looks like, then look to Senator Cruz’s more dependable record of conservatism.


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3 Responses to "Why Some Politicians Check Their Principles at the Door"

  1. Linda Wentworth  May 13, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    Last spring Colorado recalled a few state senators for actions that were inconsistent with what the people voted them in to do. I have noticed this same trend with others that I’d hoped would carry the torch forward, only to become too disappointed. All too soon they forget about the people who put them in these positions…This is what we have elections for.

  2. Harriet Fretwell  May 13, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    Stop Gov. from control of our children.

  3. David Tompkins  May 13, 2015 at 11:54 am

    How do we get folks to listen and understand? Hell I can’t even get anyone to prepare for what’s coming…go figure and half the people don’t know much of anything.

    There must be a way to reach them and soon before the fat lady sings.


    I like the way you think and write. Please keep doing what you do?

    I just want my government to leave me alone!!! Like go away already.

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