She Thought It’d Be Cool to Join ISIS. Before Dying She Suffered a Horrifying Fate…

...they were viewed as a “sexual present for new fighters.”

She Thought It’d Be Cool to Join ISIS. Before Dying She Suffered a Horrifying Fate…

Ed. Note: Life as ISIS volunteers was not the exciting adventure these young misguided women were expecting. Boggles the mind.

Republished from Independent Journal Review, by Parker Lee, December 31, 2015. Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube


In April of 2014, 17-year-old Samra Kesinovic and 15-year-old Sabina Selimovic fled their homes in Austria to join ISIS in Syria.

Reportedly leaving a note telling family not to look for them, the pair soon become ‘poster girls’ for the terrorist organization. Not long after, the world learned that one of the girls, believed to be Samra, became disillusioned with ISIS and was killed while trying to escape.

Now, new reports are emerging that reveal the appalling circumstances that she – along with her friend – were forced to endure prior to her death at the hands of the terrorist organization.

A former ISIS prisoner has alleged that both girls were kept in the same house by ISIS militants, and that they were viewed as a “sexual present for new fighters.”

After realizing the horrors that ISIS is willing to perpetrate upon the world, it’s believed that the pair began looking for ways to escape, contributing to the story that the older girl, Samra, was beaten to death after getting caught.

While the idea that ISIS uses sex slaves is nothing new, other reports have indicated that both girls became pregnant during their time with the terrorist group, making their deaths at the hands of the same men all the more appalling.

A U.S. special ops raid recently discovered an ISIS “user manual for sex slaves” that states, among other “rules,” that “a jihadist can own two women, but only may have intercourse with one of them.”

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