Introducing Slack

We’d like to like to start using Slack as our preferred communication tool to foster effective and efficient teamwork within the San Antonio Tea Party.

Introducing Slack

By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

I’m pleased to share the following information with you, courtesy of  the leadership of SATP’s Alamo Patriots neighborhood group. Kudos to Douglas Richter, George Howard, and Albert Castro for taking the initiative to improve the internal communications and effectiveness of the San Antonio Tea Party!

As you ‘re well aware, during this election cycle social media is playing a major role in how the media and campaigns are influencing the voter. Likewise, it behooves us as the San Antonio Tea Party to update and modernize our means of internal communication, collaboration, and calls to action.

We are introducing  Slack as a new tool to help us improve, organize, and optimize our internal team- and issue-oriented communications . Slack is a team communications and collaboration tool that facilitates real-time communication and allows team members to respond to action items quickly and more efficiently. Slack also provides several user-friendly tools to locate and access information shared within the group as needed.

Because the sheer volume of emails we receive on a daily basis can be a bit overwhelming, many of us tend to neglect or lose control of our inboxes. While we certainly don’t miss the junk mail, important emails with crucial need-to-know information can get glossed over and sometimes lost. This is a struggle for all of us!

It can be used on just about any device, such as smartphones (iPhone & Android), tablets (iPad & Android), computers (Mac & Windows), or using a web browser.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where the whole world can see your postings, Slack is a private, members-only system. We’re building our SATP Slack community by invitation only, so think of it as our private chat room. Only people who have accepted an invitation from an administrator can read and post messages within our Slack domain.

For example, we’ve added an Events “channel” to Slack. Recently, current SATP Slack members were able to receive and easily find real-time info and updates about the Decision America rally at the Capitol, bus transportation provided by Allen, how to RSVP, etc. 

We also have a Calls to Action channel. This is where we post time-sensitive calls to contact our elected officials on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of asking you to go to elected official websites, type out a message and send it, we can post a Facebook or Twitter message on the Slack channel. From there you’ll be able to share and retweet these messages with 2-3 mouse clicks or finger taps.

We’d like to start using Slack as our preferred method of communication to foster effective and efficient teamwork within the SATP boots on the ground. Once you’re signed up and the notifications are turned on, you can receive messages and information right away on any of your devices. No emails to dig through—quick and easy!

To receive an invitation to join the SATP-wide Slack community, please send your name, email address, zipcode, and the name of your SATP neighborhood group (if you currently attend one) to

You can find more information about Slack at

Looking forward to seeing you on Slack!

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party. Albert Castro, George Howard, and Douglas Richter are co-leaders of the Alamo Patriots Neighborhood Group.

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