Standing Together in 2016

Obama can be expected to ramp up his assault on the Constitution and America during his last year in office...

By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

As 2015 draws to a close, we say goodbye to a year that has been characterized by ultra political correctness, more unbridled government spending, and the turbocharged growth of the dependent class.
Headlines like the following show us how far America has slipped:

Then there is this… 


So what can we expect in 2016?

The good: The same RINO Republicans who always find conservatism during election years will tack to the right, so they can pretend to be fiscal conservatives right before the election. It is predictable behavior from phony RINO politicians barely better than liberal Democrats.  However, regardless of the motives, it is good because we can use this short period of receptiveness to influence more sound fiscal decisions whenever possible. 

More good: This is Obama’s last full year in office. The Obama nightmare presidency will end, although America will be left in shambles and require a lot of cleanup. 

The bad: Obama can be expected to ramp up his assault on the Constitution and America during his last year in office, and there has not yet been real opposition from the GOP against 90% of his unconstitutional and illegal actions. 

It will be especially important in 2016 that we stand together against the further erosions of our liberties. We have never had a president and political class so intent on destroying those liberties before, but the danger is not only on the national level but on the local and state level as well. 

If we are to be an effective factor in restoring America to its original glory, we must get involved. We must educate and train ourselves so that we are armed with solid facts and proven techniques. We must take our political action to the next level.  And we must coordinate and work in unison with other like-minded people. What one person or group cannot accomplish alone, many together can accomplish. 

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.


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  1. RICHARD SANDERS  February 4, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    TWO PROVOKING QUESTIONS come to my mind: One for “THE DONALD”: ..Would you consider serving as vice president?… So IF he really wants to serve America this should be a No Brainer, no Stutter, No Hem and Haw……Ego stuffed quickly and securely into his back pocket. The second question for WE THE PEOPLE, dealing with an admittedly scary consideration….Bernie Sanders President ! ! ! – Hilary Clinton Vice President ! ! ! See why Trump needs to be asked the question….The scenario for the Sanders/Clinton possibility is TRULY FRIGHTENING. And as Dana Lash said on her program last night, this election cycle isn’t about frivolous sport and home team rahh rahh; it’s about the future as One Free nation Under GOD, not a nation in which the president has tied one military hand behind it’s back and told it to survive if it can….. With a grandson now headed for airborne training, the contained fire of rage that I have in me against this impostor commander in chief has suddenly dialed up a notch.

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