Texas is now the 11th state to pass a Convention of States bill through both state houses

The lifeline is there to be used; we cannot be too afraid or uninformed to use it.

Texas is now the 11th state to pass a Convention of States bill through both state houses
By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

As many of you know, because you have been working shoulder to shoulder with me to get the Texas legislature to pass an Article V Convention of States resolution, we finally did it! After several years of educating, recruiting, coordinating, and lobbying our state legislature, we just took a big step toward victory over Federal tyranny on Thursday May 4, 2017.  Texas is now the 11th state to pass such a bill through both state houses.

Although there was a lot happening last week on the political front, nothing was as momentous as this accomplishment. It takes 34 states to call for an amendments convention, and we are now almost 1/3 of the way there with 11 states already having passed the identical COS resolution.

Recent events show us again how important it is to take the reins of power away from Washington politicians. Washington Republicans that we elected just passed a huge $1.1 trillion Omnibus spending bill that any Democrat administration could be proud of. They demonstrated that their priorities are the same as those of the liberal Democrats and certainly not the same as ours. Our Republican-controlled Congress continued funding for sanctuary cities, continued bailouts for big insurance companies to prop up Obamacare, funded another bailout for Puerto Rico, funded a bailout for the coal miners’ union, continued funding for Planned Parenthood, continued funding for NPR, and continued funding for dozens more Democrat priorities.

And can anyone watch how duplicitous this blustering Congress has been regarding repealing Obamacare and not understand that they cannot be trusted to even keep their most loudly proclaimed and seemingly passionate promises made during political campaigns? They promised over and over to fully repeal Obamacare, but the best the House could pass was a bill that retained 90% of the Obamacare architecture and costly regulations.

Now that this Obamacare lite bill has gone to the Senate, we’re hearing that they want to change the bill. But instead of the changes you would expect, like honoring their promises to fully repeal Obamacare, RINOs like Corker, Blunt, and Alexandra are signaling that they want to retain Obamacare regulations and continue Federal interference over available insurance options. Both chambers are filled with people who could not care less about promises made to their constituents or their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.

They show no shame whatsoever for being revealed as the self-serving liars that they are. This total about-face on Obamacare repeal has let us see behind the curtain and confirmed how treacherous and deceitful Congress truly is.

We put Republicans in control of all three branches of the Federal Government, and this is what they give us: more debt, more spending, and less liberty. They did the same thing under the Bush administration. Time and time again we see that we get the same results out of Washington, D.C., whether Republicans or Democrats are in charge. Their profligate spending and their disregard for the Constitutional limitations placed on the Federal Government put the survival of our Republic in jeopardy.

Watching Congress operate reminds me of watching professional wrestling. Everything is a charade.

  • Republicans: We’ll pass this bill that keeps most of Obamacare in place and pretend it is the repeal we promised.
  • Democrats: Yes, and we’ll pretend we’re really mad and accuse you of killing thousands with your draconian measures.
  • Republicans: We’ll pass this omnibus bill that funds all of your Democrat priorities and pretend we won.
  • Democrats: Yes, that’s great! We’ll be sure to rant and rave as if you really did win.

Then I guess they go on a car trip together and stream it to America.

Now that the curtain is pulled back and the Congressional charade is exposed, no reasonable person can believe that we should allow this to continue. That is why it is so important to use the tool the founders gave us in Article V to rein in the Federal Government and restore the power to the people and the states. 

We’ve worked hard and accomplished a lot, but the battle is far from won. In fact, it is going to get harder because Soros and other liberals are now realizing that we really can make this happen. So they are marshaling all their forces against the Article V COS. But we can win, and we are ready to help other states do what we just did in Texas.

Unfortunately, it is not only the liberals who are fighting against using the Constitution to save this nation. Some conservative groups are also sending out propaganda and outright lies to their members trying to convince them that stripping power from Washington is more dangerous than leaving Washington in charge. Many of the folks in these organizations are good folks that have been misinformed by their leadership. It is up to us to educate them and get them as excited as we are about what can be achieved through an Article V COS.

I can understand why Soros opposes us. He wants to maintain a strong central government, but it is hard to fathom how conservatives can buy in to the myth that Washington should not be reined in. Imagine the frustration of throwing a lifeline to someone, but they were too afraid to let go of their handhold and grab the lifeline. Or maybe you have tried to extract a puppy stuck in a drain pipe, only to have him crawl further into the pipe when you tried to help him? Or maybe you tried to rescue a kitten stuck in a tree, but when you reached for him he went even further out on the limb?

That is how I feel about those who reject using an Article V Convention of States (COS) to rein in the Federal Government. The lifeline is there to be used; we cannot be too afraid or uninformed to use it.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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Allen is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the San Antonio-based Allen Tharp LLC and the Olde England’s Lion & Rose, as well as a minority partner in a chain of quick-service chicken restaurants called Golden Chick. It is noteworthy that Allen’s endeavors provide approximately 1,000 local jobs to San Antonians and pump almost $30 million into the local economy annually.
Having worked for over 27 years with the restaurant industry, he has served as a liaison for government and legislative affairs, as a speaker at various restaurant industry conferences, and is an active member of the president’s forum within his industry’s professional association. Mr. Tharp holds a B.A. degree in political science.

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